Earth Healing Ceremony – Dowth



Dowth, Eire
Saturday 1st October 

2 – 4pm

Ancient Sun and Moon Temples such as Dowth in Co.Meath, Eire, have a vital role in the healing of humanity and the earth in modern times. They act as storehouses and transmitters of Earth’s living loving Light, which await our activation. When we come together to send light, sound and loving prayers throughout Hurqalya –Her light body – then our Earth sparkles and sings. Our ceremony and prayers invigorate Her serpent paths, connecting Dowth with other sacred sites throughout the world. Through our collective heart we collaborate with earth guardians, sky angels and holy beings to assist in releasing darkness, which has fallen around humanity and the earth. During such ceremonies, we are healed. This work is sacred and open to everyone – it is our heritage and our responsibility.


is an earth healer, esoteric astrologer and ascension healer from Australia, invites you to join her at Dowth for this beautiful ceremony. Chandra travels the world, working closely with communities and spiritual beings from beyond the lighted veil. Her experiences at some of Eire’s and other sacred sites are recorded here

By Donation

Meet at Dowth at 1:45 pm – bring drums, prayers etc.
Register please with Derbhille Clarke via FB or Facebook on this event page
Please do not bring a mobile device to this ceremony at all – thanks


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