Divine Mother’s Healing Circle

Wednesdays 16th & 30th April    7 – 8:30 pm

For millenniums the Divine Mothers have taught us how to heal, to pray, to birth, to nurture, to protect, to educate and to lead. Yasodhara BuddhaThey come from all cultures, all traditions and all races. Earth’s Holy Mother’s are the feminine face of God, previously revered, sometime reviled, they are now being restored to their rightful place within our hearts and as custodians of our sacred Earth.

Two Healing Circles  Join Chandra in this beautiful group, where we will experience the touch of two of the Divine Mothers.  Lady Yasodhara – Bliss Mother of the Earth and Lady Isis – Rose of Ascension.

All Welcome  Each gathering will include teaching, meditation, invocations, songs, prayer, healing for the earth and well as absent and individual healings.  (Please make sure you ask your family member/friend before you include them on the Absent Healing List.)

Venue:         Serenity Space, 202 Prince Edward Parade Scarborough. Qld.
Date:          Wednesday 16th April  – Lady Yasodhara: Bliss Mother of Earth
                   Wednesday 30th AprilLady Isis: Rose of Ascension
Time:          7 – 8:30 pm   –  $15
Register:     Chandra  Ph 07 3269-6019 





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