Awakening the Songlines

Chandra Easton  & Jabaru Spirit Bird

Uluru heart of australia chakra_web Sunday 15th  September  

Cairns –  11 – 4:00 pm

You are invited to a healing gathering to enter into your soul’s Light and strengthen your connection with the realms of Spirit and beyond.  We will be working with teachings, music, dance, beautiful songs and ceremony to touch the Heart of Earth:-

  •       heal your Light Body
  •       connect to Earth’s Light Grid
  •       contact Rainbow Serpent Songlines
  •       open to Star People, Angels & Ancestors
  •       learn about New Earth and Her sacred sites
  •       open to Spirit of the Dreamtime
  •       experience Star People Activation – Langua Rose Quartz Crystal Skull

VENUE:  Private home  – 10 Dalziel St,  Strathford.  (11 kms from Cairns)

BOOKINGS:    Jabaru –  M. 0478-829-446    or  Chandra

Bring lunch to share 

No Mobile Phones – for health reasons, please do not bring your mobile phone to these activities


Chandra is an Australian wholistic practitioner of the heart with  a lifetime’s experience as a traditional & esoteric astrologer, visionary, ascension healer, vocational consultant and wholistic educator. She works globally, within the Spirit of the Heart, supporting your connection to the Divine.

Jabaru Spirit Bird is a Lightworker and Galactic Shaman, with a passion for walking the earth with the Ancestors. She weaves Indigenous wisdom within sacred ceremonies, facilitating Star People Activations with Langua Rose Quartz Crystal Skull. Her work has taken her throughout Far North Queensland and New South Wales, healing communities; focusing Plaedieans Light gatherings, as well as advocating and protecting endangered creatures and the land.

Arjuna (Greg Govinda), whose background includes transformational education, spiritual psychology, performing arts and the mystic path, will support these gatherings with joyful, sacred songs which capture the heart and lifts the Spirit.


Whilst in far North Queensland, Chandra will be available for a few private consultations in Kuranda  and Cairns (by appointment) – Esoteric Astrology, Ascension Healing, Past Life Regression, Soul Reading.  Book early please.

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