Wesak Festival: 26th April 2013

Australia EST – 5:56 am  (10hrs ahead of Europe)

The Fire of Spirit pours through our solar system, via the Spiritual and Angelic Kingdoms, through stars, planets, sacred mountains to heart based groups to the earth, through your physical body and to all life on earth.  This is an annual downpouring of Light.  This year The Wesak Sun stands conjunct Mars and Venus in Taurus.  We need to stand for our principles; live our principles; base our relationships on our principles; protect the earth because of these principles.

The Moon falls, as always at Wesak, in Scorpio, sign of the spiritual warrior conjunct the Earth and Saturn.  What we invest out time, energy, hearts and money in, represents who we are.  Invest wisely, true wealth is found within.

Chiron and Neptune form beautiful trines to the Wesak Full Moon.  It is never too late to heal the past, forgive oneself or others, make beateous lotus jpgpeace with your God and stand in spiritual integrity.

Three planets are aligned in Aries – Uranus, Mercury and Vulcan – they send the fire of Spirit into your higher mind, giving rise to inspirations and plans which will bring, if you enact them, your life into greater harmony.

Pluto throws out a challenge to Uranus and Mercury.  There is always a cost; the piper must be paid.  Identify what you are prepared to give or let go of in order to stand in your spiritual strength and integrity.

Mercury in Aries forms an inconjunct to the North Node is Scorpio and sextiles Jupiter in Gemini.  Opportunities abound for new creative ventures.  Often we do great harm to ourselves by refusing to believe and invest our time, effort, love and money into the people, goals or situations that really matter to us.

Use the Wesak for your liberation.  It is a unique window into the spiritual realms; great assistance is given to everyone on earth at this time to contact your soul’s Light.  So fill yourself with the love of your Soul and Spirit and live according to your principles.


Chandra Easton

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