Triumph over darkness

Johannes S.  humanity transformed

This month’s Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon on Friday 7th November, 2014 (9:22 am Australian Eastern Daylight Time) and the two days before and after Friday, represent a transformational doorway. Within this chart the Sun and Venus sit closely together in Scorpio, urging us to apply heart insight into our life directions/choices. We are encouraged to apply this insight to our most significant relationships and especially to strive to forgive others for harm given or received.  Nearby Vulcan urges us to liberate our own/or others pain and suffering, in order that it does not taint our minds. When we suffer, our mind creates belief systems to protect ourselves. Inadvertently these beliefs, created by the ego, block the heart (seat of the soul) and we find ourselves alone, separated from love and joy.

During this full moon all of humanity have an opportunity to forgive, heal and reunite. This applies to everyone – individuals, communities, world leaders, nations, religions. Collectively we have an opportunity to cross the many bridges we have created separating us from our own humanity. Actions of compassion by us all represent the way forward.

Pluto hadesMars and Pluto form a close conjunction in Capricorn. They are two of our solar systems non-sacred planets and represent aspects of humanity working against love. Mars and Pluto (Lord of Hades) signify the most destructive, power-hungry aspects of humankind, which are running rampant throughout the world   Whilst the Scorpio Stellium strives for healing, forgiveness and reunion, Mars and Pluto are working as saboteurs in the vast majority of people. They represent aspects of humanity which seeks to progress by crushing underfoot those with less power or resources; to lead those whose hearts and minds have been submerged in apathy, fear or denial.

It is important that we own our own shadow, as it is no use envisioning destructive energies as happening to us. When we focus upon the enemy outside of ourselves, either through fear, or because we trust the government or any other reason, we collude in our own dis-empowerment. Collectively we are responsible for humanities shadow. Every individual who overcomes an aspect of their own ego, has effectively added one drop of love to the rising ocean of heart consciousness on earth. When we have generated enough goodwill and love then the consciousness of humanity on earth will lift to the heart. When this occurs breakthroughs will be seen and felt globally.

Neptune and Chiron, via their placement in Pisces offer the easy way out. Denial, immersion in short-term pleasures, escapism in one form or another. When we find the courage to overcome our apathy, fear, inertia or distractions, then and only then will our lives begin to be more fulfilling. When we commit to embracing the change our soul requires, (irrespective of the cost/challenges) then we draw to us strength, spiritual determination, support and miracles. Energy follows thought. Identify the stagnant, fearful, distracting or self-indulgent thoughts and refuse to give them your time or energy.

Humanity have for some years now been slowly sorted, through our own actions, into two groups. Those who seek to live in harmony, goodwill and with a group focus form the New Humanity. Those who seek to control others through selfishness, money, power and sex form the other group. Uranus by virtue of its close aspect to the South Node in Aries, encourages us to build, nurture and maintain heartfelt grassroots networks with like-minded people. Uranus represents our ability to triumph over our innate selfishness, apathy and greed; to rise above self focus and self-interest; to embrace and compassionately support others. This is the Spirit of the Age of the Heart, Age of Aquarius. Above all, we are now challenged to live our ethics, faith and principles.

water-bearer aquarius womanAs the North Node and Libra continue their progress through Libra, some time for reflective assessment and review remains. As we get closer to Christmas more courageous actions are required. In December , Uranus and Pluto once again form an exact square. Read more about this in Birth of Loving Kindness.

Heaven’s Above


Transformation by Johannes S. Kjarval