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Mercury calls for review

On 23rd January, 2015 at 2:55 am AEDT, Mercury, messenger of the Gods, moves retrograde in Aquarius in the 16th degree. Mercury then remains retrograde until 13th February, when it moves direct from the 1st degree of Aquarius. What does this mean for us as individuals, communities and nations?

Do unto others

In the last week of January 2015 four planets align in Aquarius, forming a potent ensemble/Stellium within the sign of the Water Bearer. In this Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Heart, humanity represents the Water Bearer. We are charged with protecting and defending our brothers/sisters. In simple terms the old adage – “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” applies. This sounds simple enough, and yet when we get down to tin-tacks; we often say one thing and do another. In the modern world, we commonly hear of politicians saying one thing and doing another, often the opposite. This is human nature; we have a tendency, at least with the politicians, to except nothing better. But is this really good enough when it comes to the task with which we have been charged – to be our brothers/sisters keeper?

aquarius woman #Are we walking our talk?

Mercury in Aquarius inclines us to a lofty, philosophical perspective of the world. But what good is such a perspective if it is not translated into actions which make for a compassionate life? As Mercury moves retrograde we are asked to reflect up this dichotomy in our personal life. Are we saying one thing – at work, in our relationships our or spiritual path – and then blithely doing the opposite or something else? Are we truly living an authentic life, the best that we can be? Or are we content with empty words, followed by turning a blind eye to our principles and values, which have been abandoned and cast aside?

Avataric gate

Mercury turns retrograde upon one of the four Avataric gates of the Fixed Cross, in the middle of Aquarius. This gate, governed by the element of Air and the direction East, is presided over by Archangel Raphael and Lady Mary, Who stand ready, now as always to inspire and uplift humanity. They are the wind behind our sails; they inspire the principles buried deep within our heart towards true expression.

A life well lived

Aquarius is governed esoterically by Jupiter, sacred planet of the 2nd ray of Love and Wisdom. The purpose of Mercury’s movement through Aquarius is to infuse us with loving, authentic energies, with which to invigorate our relationships and life. During the next three weeks take time to reflect upon the degree of principled integrity in your life.  Face facts. If your dreams and ideals have been cast aside because of your doubts or fears, re-gather them to you and set new goals and directions. If your dreams and ideals have been fraught will lofty illusions or unrealistic attachments, making your life or relationships unworkable or empty, then a period of review in the light of love, is required. We owe this to ourselves, our loved ones, our communities and the world.

Pisces goddessPisces Stellium

What is interesting about these early weeks of 2015 is the presence of four planets aligned in Pisces, at the same time as we have four planets aligned in Aquarius. Effectively these two stelliums, serve to turbo-charge the Mercury retrograde period of inner review and reflection. These Piscean planets demand that we release ourselves from old dreams, failure, grief or illusions – in effect to see things as they really are. It is human nature to avoid a direct confrontation with our own suffering or indeed or own delusions. The sooner we as individuals face and move through our suffering or delusions, the sooner our societies and our world begins to heal. The Piscean planets (Moon, Neptune, Mars and Chiron) are like an ostrich with its head in the sand refusing to feel, see or acknowledge the reality of what is occurring on all fronts. We see this level of denial and delusion on the world stage every day in what passes for news. But are we culpable of the same blind delusions and misguided sympathies or loyalties in our own lives? What is required during this period is that we face facts, move beyond our comfortable rose coloured view and take a long hard look at what we have created in our lives, thus far. If we find that we don’t like what we see, it is up to us to set a new direction. What point is there in having principles and insights if we fail to put them into practice?

ancient-mariner-richard-barhamAncient Mariner

Saturn in Sagittarius currently squares Mars/Neptune in Pisces. This reminds me of the Ancient Mariner in Coleridge’s epic poem, who sets sail and then, at the mercy of a storm goes off course and finds himself in southern waters. What follows is a series of adventures and misadventures, with the subsequent loss of his moral compass when he slays the albatross. Through the violation of Nature, symbolized by the death of the albatross, misfortune then followers the Mariner’s every step. Humanity like the Ancient Mariner, must choose between responding to our inner nature (goodness, love, do unto others) or going against Nature, and risking the wrath of Nature upon us all. The killing of the albatross brought dire consequences for all who came in contact with the Ancient Mariner. Modern man risks the same fate, through our blinded, self-centered, short sighted approach to life in all its forms on earth.

New directions

Being willing to see what we have created, individually and collectively, is the essential first step to changing course. We are being called upon to take charge of the tiller in our lives. To set our sails in new directions; to abandon the luxury of drifting or buck passing; to focus upon what is real, purposeful, creative and loving in our lives and commit to that. In this way we will more successfully navigate the three week period of Mercury’s retrograde in the midst of Aquarius. For those Aquarians whose birthday falls between the 21st and 25th January, these matters will form significant themes for their year ahead. Tests and trials await us all; our successful navigation of this period of Mercury’s retrograde will set new directions for the next six months.

17th January, 2015

Heavens Above

Chandra Easton