Solar Eclipse, Iceland 31st May, 2003

Solar Eclipse 31st May 2003   IcelandAccording to the prophecies of old many changes have been foretold for the future of Earth and her inhabitants.  This Eclipse chart provides one vantage point of potential changes for Earth and her inhabitants, as she moves into the 21st century.  What follows is an assessment of the current and future times from the perspective of this eclipse and its map.  The Solar Eclipse occurs in the Denmark Strait, off the coast of Iceland at 04:20 am UT.  Its sphere of influence is broad affecting Greenland, Scandinavia, Western USSR, much of Europe, British Isles, Middle East, Northern Africa and the West Coast of North America, as well as all countries governed by the sign of Gemini.

Sun/Moon, Eclipse in Gemini along with Saturn in the xiith house

To have the luminaries presented thus is indicative of the need for up front communication worldwide regarding the turning point/crossroads of democracy upon which we find ourselves.  Under normal circumstances such an eclipse will herald the need for wise decision making in the light of democratic process.  However due to the position of the Lord of Karma and the eclipse in the karmic xiith house it could be speculated that all is not as it seems.  To the extent that transparent political processes are in place worldwide is the degree to which we can trust our politicians.  As leaders of the nations they hold the power of choice for the planet.  One of the tasks of this Gemini eclipse is to galvanise public dialogue,  to move away from  non-effective sentiments directed towards superficial peaceful outcomes and to arrive at cohesive decisions regarding the future of the nations.

Because of the nature of Saturn in the last degree of Gemini, the challenge is to allow Truth to emerge.  In the Light of Truth political processes will move forward.  If the Truth of the karmic connections of many nations in the current world crisis, is viewed in its correct light then wise decision-making will occur.  If the Truth of past, present and future policies fails to emerge then it is nigh on impossible for effective decision making to proceed in an ethical and honourable manner.  Ethics and honourable decisions based on Truth are the key to this Eclipse worldwide.

Mercury, Venus, North Node in Taurus in the xiith house

This aspect indicates the potential harnessing of money, power and the higher will for the benefit of all.  It might well be asked – who benefits from the spoils of war?  Let it be seen that Justice prevails in this area.  The strong conjunction of Venus and Mercury suggest ethical political process with regard to the wise use of resources, debts, funds, government and international loans etc.  The entry of the Nodal Axis into the signs of Taurus and Scorpio suggests that the world situation needs to move away from the archaic “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” mentality.  We need to resist the temptation to have our “pound of flesh” whatever that might mean for the different nations and races.  If this temptation is not overcome then great cruelty may well be the end result.

This focus in the xiith house brings to mind the need for clear concise boundaries –  who are the enemies and who are the allies within the global context?  In the end the distribution and redistribution of wealth, land and territories, boundaries and security will be determined by those who hold power.  Therefore let humanity choose wisely how they use power in this regard.  If the motivations of revenge and the taking of a “pound of flesh” should prevail, then dire consequences will occur.

Mars and Neptune in Aquarius in the viiith house

In the sign of the Waterbearer Aquarius, we find Neptune the planet of redemption.  Have we yet learnt the true meaning of community and giving?  This placement of Neptune asks that we move from the head to the heart, putting into practice the deeper meanings of service, and generosity of Spirit within our local and global communities.  The problematic squares from Mars to the Taurean planets indicate the challenges we face.

Will individual, national or global altruism or materialism prevail?

To the extent that we are able to lend a hand to our neighbours, be they the next door neighbour, family, community or nation is the extent to which we will experience the emergence of goodwill as the basis of society on earth.

Let us find a way of resisting the temptations to secularism, separatism, elitism, materialism and insularity in favour of a sharing of water, food, resources, land, money, shelter and power.

This is the challenge of these aspects – to overcome our natural human tendencies for self preservation and to extend our hands in loving engagement to others.

Cardinal signs upon the Ascendant and Midheaven

The signs of Cancer and Aries ask that we galvanise our actions into new and dramatic forward movement in favour of internationalism.  We need to resist the tendencies for nationalism, held in the sign of Cancer, extending our hearts and minds towards the collective well-being of humanity.  This is a challenge which faces us all.  Are we Australians,  Americans, Danes,  Israeli’s, Icelanders, Arabs or world citizens?  How much are we able to galvanise our individual and collective goodwill in favour of the nations and countries who suffer at the hands of despots and fanatics.  Let us respond to the Cancer rising in this Eclipse and unite across boundaries of land and race.  Let us forge new ways forward individually and collectively.

Sirius conjunct the Ascendant

The Light of Hope, the Light of Truth, the Light of Faith shine forth from the fixed star Sirius which sits conjunct the Ascendant of this chart.  In order to ascend as individuals, nations and races we need to align ourselves to the Light of the Sirian Hierarchy.  No more so than the United States of America, who have the Sun in close proximity to this Ascendant.  Let the American government demonstrate goodwill to the masses, not merely a narrow nationalist approach with regard to internationalism.

Jupiter in Leo in the 2nd house

The planet of the heart falls in the sign of the heart, attempting to galvanise all political process, all altruism through the heart, especially with regard to money, resources and power.

What is required through this placement is leadership of the heart, for the heart and through the heart.

In this way we will overcome the tendencies for grandiose posturing which is the danger of this placement, used in its most negative form.  We need to resist the temptations to allow the focus of world attention to overlook the smaller players, nations, races in favour of grandstanding by certain powers that be.  In it’s most negative connotations Jupiter in Leo indicates a certain egocentric megalomania.  Let us pray that the governments of the day find heart and resist the temptation for megalomaniac leadership or power.  It is said that money and power corrupt.  We pray that balance and broader humanitarian actions prevail upon the world scene, through the light of the Waterbearer in Aquarius.

Uranus positioned in Pisces in the viiith house

Through this position of Uranus which widely squares the Eclipse the momentous nature of transition which is occurring in the years 2003 – 2005 is indicated.  This is discussed at greater length in the article “Birth of a New Consciousness.”  Life as we have known it is in transition.  Let us pray that the overhaul of that which is outmoded is replaced by that which sustains collective peace.  Not merely peace for a few at the expense of the many.  Let us pray that this transition leads us through the door of hope into a world based on equality, justice and peace.

Chiron’s placement in Capricorn on the viith house cusp

Chiron here indicates the need for the effective use of power.  It is a great temptation to allow those who hold the reigns of power to continue to do so.  What if we disagree with the way they reign?  Can we find our collective voice for change?  There are indications in this chart that the wise use of power and money is possible on a global level.  Through harnessing the resources of the earth for the benefit of the broader community, we will rise to the challenge of Chiron,  bridging the gap between the haves and the have-nots.   The danger of fragmentation and disintegration of government power worldwide which is not based on the heart is also strongly indicated by this position.

Earth and Pluto in Sagittarius in the vith house

The transformation of our lives, our health and hopefully our prejudices is held in this part of the nativity.  Pluto’s transformative powers are forming benific contacts to the planet of the heart Jupiter along with encouraging links to Mars and Neptune and the Sun.  Through such contacts we have the opportunities to galvanise global transformation through the heart.  This will only occur if we are able to see beyond our personal, national and racial prejudices which blind us.  In this way we will be able to find the Truth within ourselves and our lives.  If we are sincerely able and willing to face our prejudices and rise above them then we become the Waterbearers of the new century, the chalices for the Light of Sirius.


The focus of the world’s attention is currently upon the return to global stabilisation.  We might well ask ourselves, what sort of stability do we wish for the earth and her people?  Is it a world governed by politics of the heart or a world governed by the politics of the mind that we seek?  In these days of great change let us seek to find a way forward through the heart.  Let the Scandinavian and European countries, which are prominently affected by this Eclipse, lead the way.  Let them find the peace within their hearts and minds, thus forming a living bridge between nations.  Let the Lands of the Heart unite to form Continents of the Heart.  If we can find the courage to galvanise our goodwill into loving thoughts, actions and foreign policies then we will be able to find a way to turn the world situation around.  Such global transformation is possible if we dedicate our hearts and minds to this end.  Let us begin today.

 Chandra Easton


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