Mercury retrograde

When Mercury appears to move backwards in the heavens, a time of introspection is upon us.   Things we may have overlooked will be revealed;  unfinished details or business seeks our attention.  Slow down, pay attention to specifics, contemplate. 

Mercury generally moves retrograde twice a year, for about  three weeks each time.   Below is poem about Mercury’s retrograde movement –  written by my mother Peg Radcliffe, a long time ago.

Guess What

"When the library sends reminders that the books are overdue, and the ink dries in my fountain pen to a sticky residue,
When my all-time favourite movie is promised on TV and they substitute the programme with re-runs of Dynasty!!!
When the cheque that I’m expecting doesn’t turn up in the post and the car starts acting funny and then gives up the ghost . . .
When the Refidex is missing and I’m searching high and low and I cook a six-course dinner and my sister doesn’t show.
 When they disconnect my telephone because the bill’s not paid,
I reach for the ephemeris and Mercury’s retrograde."

Peg Radcliffe
Mercury: God of Crossroads

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