Mercury retrograde

6th – 27th October, 2014

During this time reflect inwardly, find balance in all relationships, especially with yourself.  Be aware that important decisions around your future may arise on 20th October, as Mercury conjuncts the North Node in Libra.  Committment to important people and goals at this time will bring a sense of peace to your heart.  As Mercury moves retrograde again, I am reminded of a poem my mother Peg Radcliffe wrote many years ago.   

Guess What

“When the library sends reminders that the books are overdue, and the ink dries in my fountain pen to a sticky residue,

When my all-time favourite movie is promised on TV and they substitute the programme with re-runs of Dynasty!!!Mercury Hermes

When the cheque that I’m expecting doesn’t turn up in the post and the car starts acting funny and then gives up the ghost . . .

When the Refidex is missing and I’m searching high and low and I cook a six-course dinner and my sister doesn’t show.

When they disconnect my telephone because the bill’s not paid,

I reach for the ephemeris and Mercury’s retrograde.”

Peg Radcliffe


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