Spring Equinox

An overview of the period 23rd September through until 22nd December, 2014, via the Libran Ingress chart. Despite being cast for Australia, many of these matters are relevant to all. For a personal reading contact Chandra

Spring Equinox (southern hemisphere) 2014. What a year it has been thus far; and more to come. We are about to enter the third astrological phase of the year when the Sun moves into Libra, sign of balance and Justice. On 23rd September, known in the Maitreya Theosophical tradition as Zadkiel’s Day, the Sun joins Vulcan, North Node and Mercury in Libra. This week, also called All Angels Week, follows on from the Libran Spring Ingress. At this time, all over the planet, the energy of Justice falls like a sharpened sword, affecting all nations, all people.  How this manifests will vary nation to nation, according to their unique karma.

Festival of Michaelmas. Those who live by the dictate of their hearts, have no need to fear Divine JustSpring Equinox 2014ice. Those who live by the dictate of their personal will and desire; will reap what they have sown. Such is the Law. Four planets gather in Libra this week as Earth’s Archangels prepare for the Festival of Light, known in ancient times as Michaelmas. Irrespective of one’s creed or religion; we are all subject to the Law of Karma, individually, nationally and collectively. Australian’s who stand for Justice for all, do not stand upon the side of the current government and their heartless policies. Vulcan the Divine Smithy brings down the Fire of Heaven this week. On a personal level, many aspects of our lives including relationships, family, vocational work and health are under soul review. The last week of September is a wonderful time to pause and reflect on what you have learnt in the last twelve months and where your heart is calling you for the next year.

Balsamic Moon Phase. The Moon phase of this Equinox chart is known as the Balsamic or dark moon. This is a time of completion and also visioning/seeding the future.  Completion of one cycle is also indicated in this Equinox chart, as Saturn, Lord of of karma swiftly leaves Scorpio, sign of transformation and rebirth, in December 2014. Over the last two years, as Saturn has transited Scorpio we have all been afforded opportunities to free ourselves of the past, release suffering and heartache and re-dedicate ourselves to the change we would like to see in our lives. As this cycle concludes, visions for our future and earth’s future, may be revealed through dreams and inspirations, if we take the time to reflect and meditate.

Mercury in Libra square to Capricorn Ascendant. This Ingress chart indicates a constriction from the government in matters of law and order. In the name of protecting its citizens against terrorism and security threats, the current Australian government is increasing its paternalistic powers dramatically. The erosion of the very fabric of democracy is occurring across the social spectrum of our society. The capacity to gather publicly, to protest or raise a voice against the loss of freedom of speech, privacy and the destruction of our land and oceans is severely compromised. The question arises:– How much erosion of our civil liberties will the Australian people stand for before enough is enough?

Moon/Venus conjunction in Virgo. This alignment reminds us to attend to the small details in our lives. By living mindfully, tree nature radiant lightaccording to our inner convictions and principles, we attract grace into our lives. This grace may manifest as good health, provision of our daily needs, regular work, opportunities to help others or in a myriad of other ways. By striving to living in state of gratitude for all that you receive, you move with the Flow. Staying connected to Nature keeps us all connected to the Divine Mothers, Who are the source of Grace in our lives. By actively supported others you will find yourself supported and nurtured. Do small things well.  Nurturing begins at home, maybe in your garden.

Saturn in Scorpio squares Jupiter in Leo. Our capacity for compassion continues to be tested. Here in Australia our treatment of our first nation Aboriginal people is an ongoing shameful, national disgrace. Added to this our lack of compassion for those fleeing persecution, who arrive by boat on our shores continues to be a point of national focus and division. Successive governments have failed to find their heart in dealing with people fleeing persecution. As a result, children are incarcerated, young men suicide, families are separated and people lose hope, as they are jailed for years without end on remote islands. Ordinary Australians feel compassion, yet many are overwhelmed and don’t know how to make a difference. Others foolishly believe the government’s rhetoric of fear and turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the suffering, which proceeds unabated. This square to Jupiter reminds us that if we have an obligation to live and act compassionately – we are our brother’s/sister’s keeper. To begin to incorporate compassion into our daily lives is a task for all of us. This is not just an Australian issue, all over the world people are tested in their ability to live from the heart.

Uranus in Aries forms a beautiful trine to Jupiter in Leo. We can expect that the gathering groundswell of individual action, motivated by heart politics will continue to gather momentum, not only in Australia, but throughout the world. Draw your strength from loved ones and family; draw your strength and courage from the Earth; draw upon the depth and love of your spiritual convictions and use this strength, this love, this conviction to inspire and invigorate yourself and others in the times ahead.

Neptune/Chiron is Pisces in 2nd house. The Australian economy is in tatters and our capacity for expansion is limited by the square from Neptune/Chiron to Mars. It is anticipated that tourism may slow down somewhat; although it is possible that this square indicates the many tiers of our economy. Whilst the miners get rich, many of the working class are unable to sustain themselves. Meanwhile the lies and deception continue.  This aspect asks that we examine the life before us in the Light of Truth.  We all need to move beyond our pre-conceptions, prejudices and blindspots.  Distortion of the truth at best, or blatant misinformation/propaganda at the worst, exists on many levels within society.   These distortions, based on inertia or fear of change can be found in our relationship with ourselves, with others, in all nations and on the international arena.  The inconjunct from Neptune through to Vulcan in Libra indicates the need of governments to take account of the disenfranchised within the community.  It is essential to put an end to the economic hardship that many of the unemployed, youth, elderly, disabled, single-parents and Aboriginal people are experiencing in this country. Chiron similarly forms an inconjunct to Jupiter, indicating the need for compassion and an open-hearted approach to those people within the Australian community, who are marginalized for whatever reason. Similarly this conjunction in Pisces speaks of the global suffering and inequality existing in many countries and nations.

Sun in Libra sextile Mars in Sagittarius. With effort, courage, optimism and faith we can all progress during the next few months. Mars in the fiery sign of the Archer brings its infectious enthusiasm and faith into our lives. You may find that support comes to you in surprising ways.  By committing to finish what has been started; by reaching out for support or contact through your networks and by well thought out plans and action, life can proceed anew in leaps and bounds.

Chandra Easton
16th September, 2014

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