Full Moon 8th Sep. 2014

Heavenly directions for September

Virgo/Pisces axis: This Full Moon falls exactly in the middle degrees of Virgo (Sun) and Pisces (Moon). Both Chiron and the Earth are located in Pisces conjunct the Moon. The Sun in Virgo is also closely allied to Vulcan. Boundaries are of key concern to all at this time. Give too much and you may feel cheated; don’t give enough and you will end up feeling isolated. As we strive to reconcile the point of harmony within ourselves, outer circumstances and situations may be very changeable and volatile. With Chiron so involved in this Full Moon, vulnerabilities will surface, but also inner strength and resilience. Vulcan asks that we maintain emotional balance in the midst of changing circumstances. Venus’s position in early Virgo reminds us that actions speak volumes; it is a time to care for others and ourselves and to act with integrity. A refusal to judge or feel judged will help many situations.  Neptune’s opposition to Venus may reveal some truths or distort your reality, depending upon your perspective and attachments. By weighing matters in your heart, you may escape some of the rose-coloured glasses pitfalls. We need to be willing to see through our personal veils of illusion, to the inner realities of life within our networks and relationships.

Mars/Saturn in Scorpio: Mars moves slowly out of its exquisitely challenging conjunction to Saturn in Scorpio and sits now in oneeagle freedom of the degrees of separation. Now is the time to examine where we belong. With whom, why and in what ways have we separated ourselves from the essence of what is important in our lives? Saturn’s position in one of the degrees of ambition, asks us to re-examine our goals and aspirations in the Light of our current reality. Through Saturn’s trine to Chiron, we may realize that some old goals have been achieved; others are no longer important and a period of consolidation is upon us. Be happy in small matters; give service to others in small ways. Find contentment in the midst of your daily life.

Jupiter in Leo: Sacred planet of the second ray, Jupiter continues to shine its Light upon all matters of creativity, joy, love and friendship. This placement is very expansive and via the lovely trine to Uranus we are encouraged to take risks and believe in ourselves. Through the inconjunct to Pluto, Jupiter reminds us that we don’t always get what we want; we get what we need. Learn to look on the bright side of life.

SFPageAries Libra Nodal Axis: Uranus’s position is volatile sitting as it does in a relatively close conjunction to the South Node in Aries. Esoterically Uranus rules the North Node, yet it is placed at the South Node. In order to progress we must pay the piper. If we act out of selfishness, without due care and concern for others, our actions will bounce back to harm us eventually. If you find that karmic matters from the past have come home to roost; accept the situation. Now is the time to forget about the self and strive to meet others in the middle ground. Mercury, star of conflict and ruler of the 4th ray is situated in Libra, not far from the North Node. A reasoned, balanced, practical approach is required to most everything at this time. Moderation in all things is advisable. Think twice before you speak – words have power. Ask yourself “Is it true, is it necessary, is it kind, is it the right timing?” If not then silence is best advice.

Uranus/Pluto square: Uranus continues to liberate us from the past via its tight conjunction with the South Node. We may not like what arrives unannounced; yet if we can find the courage to examine our hearts, we will realize that we have created our own reality in the past. Therefore we now have opportunities for creating a new future, new community and if we work collectively, a New Earth. Through Uranus’s ongoing square to Pluto all manner of things, be they  – ideas, possessions, resources, roles, frameworks – which have previously defined us, are stripped away. As our soul Light descends we learn to go with the flow; to gracefully surrender control of life to our divine Self. In this way, our liberation is assured, one step at a time.

Chandra Easton
8th September, 2014

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