Dizzy dance of the planets – March to July 2014

Mercury direct in Aquarius

On 2nd March, 2014 at 1:53 am Australian Eastern Standard Time (+11hrs GMT) Mercury moves from its station in Aquarius in the 18th degree forwards in direct motion.  So what does this mean for individuals?  If you have a planet within 3 degrees of 18 Aquarius, then you will feel very directly a sense of being liberated and freed to move forward in your life.

Specifically, this will depend on the planet and house involved.  For eg.  Mercury governs the resolution of conflicts – inner conflict, interpersonal or family conflicts and national or international conflicts.   On a personal level a buried conflict, upon which you have been pondering, may rise to be addressed.

On the world stage we have the potential for a greater free flow/progress in global hot spots – e.g. Syrian refugee crisis; Australian asylum seekers deadlock; Ukraine revolution, ongoing Middle East conflict and Egypt.  However depending on the consciousness of those governments/armies/people in charge we will either have a 2nd ray approach – inclusive discussions/negotiations; or a 5th ray approach judgement and separation.

Mercury squares Saturnwater-bearer aquarius woman

In our own personal domain Mercury’s liberation and free movement in Aquarius, gives us new vistas to contemplate and a wide open plan for the future.  However, Mercury’s tight square to Saturn in 23rd degree of Scorpio, ensures that we can only progress according to how we are honouring of karmic obligations.  For example – one person may find that within reason they can begin to put in place their dreams for their future; whilst another may find that conflict arises with loved ones over the way forward for shared dreams.

Pisces Stellium

Despite Mercury’s freedom to move we currently have a cluster of many planets (Neptune, Vulcan, Sun, Chiron and Moon) in Pisces.  For the next 2 ½ days the Sun, its new moon phase, attempts to navigate its way past Chiron in Pisces.  For many of us this may feel like walking blindfolded through family or domestic situations, in a state of apparent aloness or esoteric blindness.  This ‘blindness’ is a test,  which we can only truly navigate by trusting ourselves and taking practical steps, one at a time.

Uranus squares Pluto

Meanwhile Uranus continues to strip away from Pluto, old frameworks and beliefs that are impeding our personal and spiritual progress.  As the Pisces Stellium and Mercury are caught with the arc of Uranus/Pluto, you may experience this as  being blinded by the Light, which shines upon obstacles or emotional vulnerabilities.  Best advice during this week’s New Moon phase is to blink a few times and persevere with your heart’s intent; rise to the challenge of implementing change in your life.

Mars Retrograde in Libra from 3rd March until 21st May 2014

Another challenging aspect to life during March- May 2014 involves Mars’s retrograde back into Libra, whilst maintaining its conjunct with the North Node.  Effectively some previous decisions, we have made about our future, or dharma or relationships, must be reviewed in the light of soul and Spirit.  There is no point vacillating; no point stalling we simply must revisit our previously shared goals and partnerships.

Ask yourself: is this partnership/goal still viable and working for my highest good.

Challenge yourself:  is there are area of my life that has been put on hold/avoided out of fear?

Encourage yourself:  How could I best move forward out of this stalemate of my own creation?

Then listen carefully, during periods of silence, to the still, quiet voice within.  If you follow this formulae then you will be ready to act with clarity to resolve these dharma/partnership issues,  when Mars moves direct in Libra on the 21st May.

Saturn retrogrades in Scorpio from  4th March – 22nd July 2014

Saturn, Lord of Karma is spending 4.5 months this year introspectively examined all things Scorpionic.  For those people with planets/Ascendant/Midheaven in the middle or last decan of Scorpio, you will inevitably find (between March and July this year), that deep issues associated with your spirituality, sexuality, shared money, death and regeneration require your attention.  Saturn retrogrades between 23rd degree and the 16th degree of Scorpio, bringing our awareness to issues to be healed around:-

  • splits or separation within yourself (e.g. head/heart; body/Spirit)
  • wrongful pride/or the lack of self respect in your life
  • wrongful/unholy ambitions that take you off the Path
  • current or old buried hatred/prejudice  (directed towards ourselves or others)

When Saturn transits Scorpio, the time is ripe for some of humanity to release themselves of old darkness and move into greater Light.  If enough people of goodwill and spiritual aspirants sincerely strive to free themselves of shadow aspects , then the Light on earth and within humanity will increase during 2014.  This opportunity will not occur again for many decades; the world aspirant and world disciple are called to step forward into Light now.

Chandra Easton
28th Feb, 2014

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