Raphael & the Great Change

Regulus & Archangel Raphael

In the last degree of Leo, Regulus is one of the four Archangel or Royal stars, also known as the Guardians of Heaven.  This fixed star is presided over by the Healing Archangel  Raphael, Head of the Host of Healing Angels for the Christ.   Raphael harnesses the energies of Truth & Healing, whilst the spiritual vibrations of Leo disseminate Love and Wisdom, which cleanse the misuse of power, worldwide.

21st August, 2013 – Full Moon

This Full Moon, which falls conjunct Regulus will bring about major restructuring within the leadership of all governments worldwide, over the next 28 days – i.e. global hotspots such as Syria and Egypt will receive this Light.   Royalty in its truest sense is based upon great moral and ethical  fibre.  If true morals and ethics are not a part of a country’s national and foreign policies they will begin to disintegrate under the powerful impact of Regulus.  By true morals and ethics is meant the capacity to deal judiciously, wisely, compassionately and firmly with one’s people and one’s neighbours.  Leaders, be they political, religious, social  or economic, who fail to act from the heart of all honour and justice will be swept from power.


Vehicle for Archangel Raphael

Regulus, a vehicle for Archangel Raphael, is integrally associated with the transformative healing, both the planet and humanity are experiencing during this time of the Great Change.   As the old is swept away, the New Earth is being slowly birthed.  The prominence of Regulus during August/September 2013, facillitates global healing.   Our Angelic and Extra-Terrestrial higher selves, respond to the call and take charge.

Great Change accelerates  2012 – 2015

Uranus and Pluto are forming a cardinal square (Aries and Capricorn) over a four year period, affecting all life on earth.  During this time, four Violet Fire Waves sweep through civilizations, landforms, governments and nations which are not based in the heart; they will crumble and collapse.  It is throughout these years that those individuals who are receptive to the Light of their souls will begin to stand together, creating the foundation stones for the New Earth.

First Wave    Uranus/Pluto square 2012

The breakdown of the old society and simultaneous building of the New Civilization is accelerating.   We are now firmly in the midst of the Great Change.   Since 1st June 2012, the Uranus /Pluto square has been affecting all nations, all lands, all governments, all people on earth.  The potent Light of Shamballa is descending,  through the initiates and disciples of the world, in regular downpourings.  During June and September 2012 this wave of Light, washed over the planet.  We have been called to stand together in Light, face the future with courage and build the New Earth.

Light of Earth

Second Wave   2013

Throughout 2013 we can expect the cleansing to continue, especially during the peak periods of the Uranus/ Pluto square, in May, and October through December.  During these months, we can choose to leave behind the past and stand in service within our soul’s Light, as part of the New Humanity.

Third  & Fourth Waves   2014 & 2015

In the lead up to the 5th April 2014, this mighty,  transformative Violet Fire Wave continues to sweep away all that it not in harmony with the Heart of Earth.   From December 2014, across the months until March 2015, this alchemical process of earth rebirthing continues.

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Chandra Easton

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