Into the Light – Oct. 2013

Feeling stretched?  Over a 3 year period (2012 – 2015) Uranus and Pluto are systematically moving in and out of an exact square.  The purpose of this square is the restructure of our inner selves and ultimately our global society.

You may recall the tension of this square between June and September 2012 or during May 2013.  Once again Pluto in Capricorn strips away old outmoded foundations in our lives, whilst Uranus in Aries blazes a trail of Light for us to follow.  During October 2013 we have been experiencing this inner and outer tension; a struggle to the death between our ego and our Solar Angel.

Yet again in April and November/December 2014, the transformative, catalystic energies of Uranus and Pluto will continue their inner and outer restructure.  The final planetary square between Uranus and Pluto will be felt in February and March 2015.  When viewed through this lens, we gain a greater understanding of the purpose of the pain and suffering we are experiencing.  It is to let in greater Light.

Additional this week four planets and the North Node are aligned in Scorpio, forming a stellium.  Today the Moon in early Cancer sets ups a water grand trine with Chiron and Neptune in Pisces.  So, out of the depths of our subconscious arise our wants, needs, despiral lightsires, attachments, yearnings – to be healed in the Light.

So many issues will surface under this Grand Trine associated with:- intimacy, sexuality, sensuality; money and security; fears and repressions; as well as the personality’s ambitions and goals.

From the 24th – 30th October a kite is formed by the transiting Moon (in Cancer) with the South Node in Taurus. This starry alignment assists us to release old, outworn attachments, insecurities, habits of clinging to attitudes, possessions, coping mechanisms, people and situations.

On the 27th October, the transiting Moon moves into Leo and establishes a Nodal T Square. We are asked to identify and celebrate our inner resources, talents and skills, leaving behind attachments and possessions that no longer serve us.

As we learn to cooperate with the Light of our Soul, this inner and outer stretching will  become easier, even exhilarating.  Rise to the challenge, let the past go, look to the future, follow your heart, it will take you to the Light.

Chandra Easton

24th October, 2013