Cosmic Fire over Water

Solar Total Eclipse 2003

Total Solar Eclipse  23rd Nov, 2003.  

A  Total Eclipse of the Sun will occur in Sagittarius on Sunday 23rd November, 2003 at 10:49 pm local time in Antarctica GMT  (Australian Eastern Daylight Time is Monday 9:49 am.)  Solar Eclipses involve alignment and reflection between the Sun (soul) Moon (personality) and Earth (dharma).  This could also be read many ways for example –  as the Spiritual Hierarchy (soul) Humanity (personality) and the Board of Karma (dharma).  From the chart of this Eclipse we may speculate upon some of the possible global effects.  A personal interpretation of this Eclipse is not within the scope of this article, however it is worth noting that wherever the Eclipse falls in your chart, that area of your life will receive strong emphasis over the next two years.  If it falls upon a planet or an angle in your chart then its personal influence will be greatly heightened.  Those people who celebrate their birthdays within a few days either side of the Eclipse are particularly affected, as to are those who have the late degrees of Scorpio or the early degrees of Sagittarius Rising.

Regions most affected  –  Path of Umbra

The Umbra Path of the Eclipse commences in the Southern Indian Ocean and then moves across Antarctica.  The Eclipse lasts for 1 minute 55 seconds as it sweeps across the ocean, with first landfall at the Shackleton Ice Shelf and Mirnyy research station before the Ice Continent is eclipsed as the shadow of the Moon  crosses the Solar disc and darkens the Earth.  South America, Australia and New Zealand will all receive a partial eclipse, and those of us in southern states should be able to view the eclipse at local time, subject to weather conditions.  However, it is not only these regions but all Sagittarian ruled countries or cities, which will most strongly feel the impact.  Details of these countries and some possible effects can be found at the end of this article.

Star of Eternal Peace                                            Lunar Eclipse of 9th November

Concordance Festival Star of David   –  Dove of Peace

This Lunar Eclipse heralded, and pointed the way, for the Solar Eclipse of the 23rd November.  So the healing potential inherent in the beauteous Star of David of the 9th November, may be likened to the Lamp that leads us towards the Threshold of the Heart.  This journey will take us through Fire and over Water.  Bear in mind that the duration of the upcoming Solar Eclipse will continue, in cyclic waves, until October/November 2005.  An understanding of global trends involves a great many other factors, including previous Eclipses not referred to in this article.  For further information of the Lunar Eclipse, other articles and newsletters pertaining to the changing global affairs, please refer to the website.

Recent Total Eclipses                 Great Britain, Europe, Middle East, India –  1999    Africa  –  2001

Since the Total Eclipse on the Winter Solstice, 21st June in Africa, we have witnessed accelerated difficulties in many areas of that continent including the disintegration of the political, economic, health and social fabric of society.  These issues represent the shadow and/or karmic aspects of the African people under redemption.  On the 11th August 1999 the Total Solar Eclipse, which covered much of Europe, the Middle East, Afghanistan and the sub-continent of India, served to highlight global hotspots, some of which continue to threaten destabilisation of the entire planet.  This Eclipse was also known as the Grand Cross of 1999.  In effect it put much of the world on notice regarding the need to choose the upward path of Light or the path of least resistance, that of the personal self.  It was from this point on that the drumbeat of war began to echo around the planet.  It seems that a significant portion of humanity have chosen the downward path of physical war rather than the upward Path of Spiritual Warriorship.  Humanity have the next two years to reverse this trend substantially in favour of Spirit.

Solar Eclipse conjunct Alpha Centaurus   – Star of the Hereafter

Half human – Half Divine

Brightest star in the constellation of the Centaur

This Solar Eclipse falls conjunct Alpha Centaurus, thus radiating the brilliant Light of the Centaur.  Known as the Star of the Hereafter, we now have the opportunity to manifest Heaven here on Earth.  Centaurs are half human and half Divine and the Eclipse falls on the left foot of the Centaur –  our human Achilles heel. Two Stars are prominent at this time, one is Agena, whose ancient symbolism asks us to sacrifice an aspect of ourselves in order to realise deeper levels of our Divinity. The other is Vega, which is discussed later. Above all, the Centaur is known for His capacity to heal himself through sacrificing his human/personal self.  This is what we must do if we wish to enter into the Divine Hereafter, here on earth.

Earth in Gemini conjunct Alcyone    3rd Ray

Alcyone, brightest star of the Pleiades

call to ordinary humanity and the aspirants

Esoteric ruler of the Sagittarian Stellium

Earth’s conjunction with Alcyone is yet another wake-up call for humanity. Associated with physical and/or occult blindness, Alcyone reminds us that we can no longer hide our heads in the sand.  She is also known as the Star of Sorrow – such sorrow results from a failure to see the truth behind the outer realities of life on Earth.

Now is the time for heart insight into global problems.

Now is the time for refusal of short-sighted actions.

Now is the time to maintain the vision of a world at peace.

Alcyone invites ordinary humanity to see things as they really are – to awaken to the inner worlds of Light.  This brilliant Pleiadean Star calls us to rend the veils of darkness, fear and complacency which separate us from the spiritual realms.  She is the brightest star of the Seven Sisters;  Her role here is to remind us that we have entered into the Day of Judgement.  We can expect a rapid rise in UFO activity, as well as an escalation of contact with the Pleiadeans in a variety of forms. The Board of Karma offer us karmic dispensations so that we can more quickly resolve all forms of karma.  Our collective fate rests with our capacity to see, feel and respond to the pain of others.


Sirius conjunct Saturn in the twelfth house                             2nd ray  –  Solar Fire

call to the disciples

brightest Star in our Galaxy

Blue Star of Divinity

June 2003 – July 2005

Sirius, the Blue Star of Divinity is the Hope of mankind.  Often represented as a blue five-pointed star or as Ascended Earth within the embrace of Cosmos.  She embodies Divinity encased in matter, union of the pairs of opposites within us and, reconciliation of our Centaur Selves  – human and Divine.  During these most difficult days ahead, those of you who fear, who are lost, who need comforting, who despair or who seek God have but to look upwards this mighty Star to be held, protected and comforted and aligned with the potency, love and radiance of that which is God.  It will be as if the Hand of God were to reach out and touch you and in so doing an utter peace and serenity will surround you.  This is the power of protection afforded those Children of the Heart who will give their personal will to God, trusting instead in the power of Cosmos to guide and protect them.

Vega   –   Celestial Star in the Harp of King David         Electric Fire

Call to the Initiates

Cosmic Consciousness

Music of the Seven Spheres

Lyra – constellation of the Harp

Maat – Goddess of the Hereafter

Vega, a brilliant first magnitude Star, shines forth from the centre of the constellation Lyra, known to the ancient Christians as King David’s Harp.  This Eclipse Starmap shows Chiron, the immortal wounded Healer, playing, the Celestial Harp/Vega, of the Jewish people.  Vega transmits healing via Chiron’s Cosmic Chords to all those who suffer.  Lord Jesus, the King of the Jews sends His Heart to all.  She is also linked with Maat, the Egyptian Goddess of the Hereafter, Who weighs the fates of mankind thus guarding the door to the inner worlds. Vega holds the power of deep spiritual responsibility and Cosmic Consciousness.  She bestows charisma as well as the capacity for transformation, transmutation and transfiguration through White Magic.  Historically, one of the greatest composers on Earth, Mozart, was born with this brilliant star in the ascendancy.  However Adolf Hitler also had Vega rising at the time of his birth, so we see how easily the purity of Vega can be distorted to serve the Dark Forces.  Individuals with Vega prominent are charismatic individuals – whether they serve the Light or the Dark – they have a power for good or for ill.  Mozart played the celestial Harp of King David and touched the hearts and souls of millions of seekers of the Light.  We can expect over the next two years the rise on the world scene, of such charismatic individuals who serve and weave the Magic and Light of Christ/Buddha, and unfortunately also those who serve and attempt to disseminate the lies/delusions/illusions of the Dark Forces and their representatives here on earth.

Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth          Chiron in Capricorn          Ara the Altar Constellation

January 2002 – February 2005

Sign of Christ Consciousness/Initiation

Hierarchy calls Humanity

Chiron, the wounded Healer continues His movement through the Christed sign of Capricorn, the sign associated with spiritual revelation and expansion.  According to legend Chiron, King of the Centaurs, was a healer and spiritual leader of the Light who sacrificed His immortality for the greater good.    Early in 2002 Chiron entered into, and moved through the Constellation Ara, the Altar.  The Sacrifice was demanded.  He has now arrived at Vega, the Star of Cosmic Consciousness.  On one turn of the spiral Chiron represents Hierarchy’s Great Sacrifice – requested and received.  On another turn of the spiral, our racial, national and personal sacrifices awaits us.  The mythological Chiron sacrificed His immortality that Light descend on Earth.  Chiron’s arrival at Vega heralds the incoming energies of the Christmas Festival of 2003/4.

Opportunities for expansion on many levels are available at this time.  Cosmic expansion will bring an unprecedented influx of Light, and the subsequent arising of shadow from within the mental, astral and physical levels of Earth.  Light, Love and Power will descend in mighty torrents of Cosmic Love.  The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, in Heart accord with the Christ Maitreya, will continue to sacrifice Themselves in order to protect us from ourselves.  They work for the safe-keeping of this beauteous planet, our Earth.  Joined by other mighty Cosmic Beings They disseminate the Light of Christ/Buddha to the three worlds of darkness.  By Their sacrifice, the door to the realms of Spirit continues to stand wide and the door to the realms of Evil is forever sealed.

Vulcan    1st Ray – God of Agni

Fire by Friction

Fashioner of  Earth  –  Divine Smithy

Probationary Disciples  –  Call to Service

Vulcan, the esoteric ruler of the Sagittarian Stellium in the Starmap, is known as the Divine Smithy who fashions earthly matter into a worthy vehicle for the Light of Soul.  This is the work ahead for all those who seek to radiate their soul’s light.  On the global level it is indicative of extremes of planetary Fire, volcanic eruptions, bushfires and drought, as well as heightened awareness of the Path of Spirit/Fire/Agni.  The Path of Self Forgetfulness leads through service.  Via service to others we forget ourselves and so find ourselves.

Ocean covered with whitecaps                          Environmental matters           Water – our most valuable resource

 The Eclipse occurs in the 2nd degree of Sagittarius whose esoteric symbol is “the ocean covered with whitecaps”.  Out of a possible 360 esoteric symbols, this one evokes images of the break-up and dissemination of the Polar Caps into the oceans of the Earth.  Antarctica is a mighty storehouse for our most vital of all resources, water.  Scientists and environmentalists around the world have predicted the devestating effect of global warming on the Earth’s oceans and they continue to speculate/disagree with regards to the timeframe.  Certainly the last Eclipse in Antarctica was followed within a few shorts months by a severe break-up of the Larsen Ice Shelf.  Both the North and South Poles have been subject to no fewer than four Solar Eclipses (including this one) since the year 2000.  (Such a number within a few short years is unprecedented.)  During this time significant portions of the Ice Shelf of the Antarctic, (some five times the size of Tasmania), have broken free only to cause major disruption to the South American shipping channels in the South Pacific.  Rising sea levels globally continue to cause great concern for Island nations around the world – this trend seems likely to accelerate over the next two years.  It is possible that the ocean may harmlessly absorb the energy of the Eclipse or its potency could be carried, via the sea currents of the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to all continents on Earth.  Because the Eclipse holds the energy of Fire, volcanic activity beneath the Earth’s southern oceans is likely to increase dramatically.  This is the second such Fire under/over Water Eclipse in the last two years.  (The last one occurred in December 2001 in the centre of the North Pacific Ocean).  The Angelic Kingdom work ceaselessly to purify and stabilise all aspects of the Earth, including Her Oceans. We can cooperate with Them by consciously praying for the purity, protection and stabilisation of all ocean life and the ocean beds in our meditations and Healing Services.

Uranus void square eclipse and nodes                                           Rallying call to the Heart

7th ray transformation

Upheaval in International Affairs

All throughout 2003 Uranus, Harbinger of Transformational Change via the Violet Ray has been busy disassembling many aspect of life on earth.  This transformational change has marked 2003 as a Year  between the Ages/Worlds – a Year of Transition/Death.  The remnants of the Piscean Age lie in tatters in all sectors, easily seen by those with a discerning eye.  Under the influence of the Awakener Uranus, we have seen the  dramatic emergence of global allies for world peace;  the struggle for birth of new nations such as East Timor; a rapid increase and interest in UFO activities and extra terrestrial contact;  disintegration of the power bases of the old religions and the emergence of their shadow via sexual/power abuse and sexual discrimination;  violent emergence across the globe of religious fundamentalist warfare;  great pressure placed upon global bodies such as the United Nations, Red Cross, World Court to hold effectively the Light of Reason, Heart, Truth and Humanitarianism;  sharp divisions within the world community over foreign policies and the demarcation of political boundaries.  We can expect to see further developments in the breakdown of the old society including ongoing upheavals in the USSR, and other 7th ray countries  (further details at the end of the article) ongoing technological breakthroughs and crisis’s – space shuttles, space stations etc;  unexpected turnarounds in the global and environmental matters;  increase in airborne diseases;  challenge to the world economy and world debt;  an increase in Sun Spot activity and Solar Flares;  increase in earthquakes and stock market volatility.  In short no area of life on earth can be expected to stay the same.  What we can be sure of is unexpected radical change as Uranus the Liberator of Form re-enters Pisces on New Years Eve, there to remain until March 2011.

Leo Ascendant                                                                                                 Citadel of Love

Neptune opposes

 The Ascendant of the chart falls in Leo, the LionHeart. This represents the Doorway to the Heart of All Love, which we must search for through our own confusion, illusion, glamour, disillusion and attachments.  It is a Doorway, which we will find, if we dare to love ourselves enough to heal;  to love ourselves enough to forgive;  to love ourselves enough to enter more deeply into Love.  A deeper insight into the nature of Love and its power to protect and heal us is given in the article “Citadel of Love”.  The challenge of this placement is to recognise where we delude ourselves, where we distract ourselves from the Path, to rise above and/or heal the emotions and therefore the Astral Plane.  Our greatest enemy is our deepest desire.  Our greatest hope is Faith.

Mystic rectangle                                             Grace of Hierarchy

Behind the challenges of this Starmap lies the Mystic Rectangle of Hope.  This is a Cosmic pattern which supports those who open to receive the Grace of Hierarchy which flows via Shamballa, the Heart of All and the Divine Mothers of the Earth to us.  A Mystic Rectangle is a direct unobstructed pathway to God – through which Heartflow effortlessly reaches us.  All we have to do is link into support networks of the Heart.  These can be found on all continents, in all societies, religions, races and creeds, humanitarian, educational and spiritual organisations to name a few.  The Mystic Rectangle is our connection to Networks of the Heart.  Through these networks the Children of the Heart will find each other and receive the Grace of God.


Grace exists in the midst of Chaos  –  this has ever been the case.  As we stand poised to enter the year 2004 let us choose to live within the Grace of the Heart.  By consciously choosing thus we seal the doors to darkness/ignorance/apathy/evil, which threaten to overtake our minds, emotions, bodies and the Earth Herself.  We can be, if we so choose, Co-Creators with God.  Nothing is fixed, ordained within the Starmaps of the Heavens, which cannot be transmuted and overcome by Faith, Love and Charity.  If there is a lesson to be learnt in the tumultuous years of Transition, this is it.  We have the freedom of our choices, and through this freedom we create our destiny.  So be it.

Chandra Easton

20th November, 2003

Earth’s Great Change 2019 onwards. . . .