On the Threshold of the Age of the Heart

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All Ages are heralded by the ending of the old and the birthing of the new. The Age of Maitreya, the new Age of the Heart, is no exception. All that works against group consciousness and against the heart will be purified in the coming months and years as we step, tentatively at first, and then with ever increasing leaps, towards and into the new millennium. All doorways are approached via a threshold. From the esoteric standpoint the threshold prior to doorways of Light are referred to as the “burning ground”. In order to pass safely through the “burning ground” humanity, individually and collectively, must be willing to sacrifice those aspects of themselves which are working directly against the light of soul. The purifying, redeeming energy of the light of Holy Spirit/Holy Mother works to redeem the darkness in us all as we step upon, and through, the threshold of the new Age of the Heart.

Standing upon the threshold of this Age of Aquarius, we are faced with the fact that very few nations and races upon our fair planet are living in peace and harmony with each other. Changes of great magnitude are afoot in all areas of life. More and more people are seeking to respond to an invisible inner call, emanating from the spiritual planes which will lead us towards the Heart. Life in the outer world has become increasingly chaotic and we are pulled inwards, seeking long-term solutions to the problems of our lives. No more are we able to mask our insecurities and diseases with short-term quick-fix options. The fragility of life lived in the ever increasingly corrupt and violent outer world is obvious for all to see. Large cracks are appearing in the fabric of society, and indeed, more and more frequently, in the Earth Herself. As a species we have been placed on notice of the need to remedy that which ails ourselves and our planet.

Fortunately, in the midst of such outer confusion and chaos the esoteric sciences, of which Esoteric Astrology forms one branch, can help us to find the Path our feet are seeking, This pathway leads safely through the disintegrating remains of the last years of the 20th century towards the new Age of Maitreya, the Age of the Heart.

Hermes – Winged Messenger of the Gods

An unusual astronomical phenomena, that of Mercury’s occultation of the Sun occurs on the 15th November, 1999. At this time Mercury obscures the radiance of Father/Mother God and casts Its shadow across Papua-New Guinea, North Eastern Australia, Hawaii, most of North America and Western South America. This is a relatively rare phenomena, occurring an average of thirteen times over the course of one hundred years.

Mercury, known by various names in Egyptian, Sumerian and Greek mythology, is the Winged Messenger of the Gods, and brings us tidings of dismay, and warnings of the need for preparedness, if we are to be ready for the mammoth changes which await us in the months and years to come. All to often when we are faced with tidings from the inner spiritual worlds, we refuse to heed the call and instead “shoot the messenger'”. As always, we are at the mercy of our personal and collective free will. Standing as we do upon the doorway of the Age of the Heart, let us learn to listen and respond with our hearts.

From an esoteric standpoint Mercury is the higher octave planet of the Fourth Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art, which governs the capacity for harmony or alternatively Great Change, between the different Kingdoms which co-habit the Earth. During this transit of Mercury across the face of the Sun, certain key events may occur. Initially it may be observed that the relationship between some of the Kingdoms starts to break down. For example, certain species of the plant life, upon which much of the Animal and Human Kingdoms depends, may become relatively unavailable, for a variety of reasons. This will place considerable strain upon the survival of many species of animals upon the Earth.

Acceleration in the extinction of certain species will have a number of far-reaching effects, not the least of which being that the broad spectrum of creatures which exist upon Earth will start to rapidly diminish. The very air which humanity relies upon for its life-breath will become fetid and unhealthy, as a result of environmental degradation and worldwide destruction of the forests. This destruction which is currently occurring at alarming, ever escalating rates will reach pivotal proportions early in the year 2000. Added to this humanities reliance upon pure water will become strained as viral contaminants infiltrate this vital necessity of life.

As well as these woes, there will occur the rapid disintegration of the technological society. The planet Mercury governs all manner of communication and interchange between all people. With the rapid rise in international technological advancements such as the worldwideweb and the mobile phone, people have almost continual contact with each other. Sadly however, these technological advancements have been used largely for the pursuit of profit or personal gain. Despite the power for good which systems such as these could have been utilised, this has not been the case. Instead the widespread, epidemic proportions of gambling, sexual perversion, violence and other forms of personal degradation have been fostered through these mediums.

With the occultation of the Sun by Mercury in November 1999, the beginning of the rapid demise of the technological age will commence. This will in turn, though the integral links which exist, bringing about a sharp decline, leading to the eventual collapse of the International Stock Exchange. Realignment with basic decent human values will only occur after the removal of all that is productive of stagnation and disease within the mind and body. Through such a purging people will be brought face-to-face with the essential, eternal values of goodwill, cooperation and sharing. Radical adjustments such as these are necessary in a world where technological advancements have far outstripped common decent human values. The simplicity of life prior to Alexander Graham Bell will be revisited. Another significant astronomical phenomena, which has great impact on the year 2000 is the Solar Eclipse of February 2000.

Alternative Methods of Survival

For those Children of the Heart who respond to this call from the inner spiritual worlds, now is the time to act. We would be foolish to sit by and wait for such changes to occur without implementing strategies for survival during this time of the Great Transition. For example:-

* If the power of a city has previously come from the electricity grid, it may be necessary for certain communities to learn to function through the power of the sun or water.

* If water from the central governing bodies turns sour or diseased, then it behoves all residents to provide themselves with drinkable fresh water.

* If the air of certain cities becomes too toxic for life, as a result of environmental hazards, then radical transmigration to different spheres may be necessary for thousands, even millions, of souls.

* If one has become complacent with obtaining basic food supplies from the large retailers, then it may be necessary and prudent to make alternative arrangements.

* Those who have a sincere desire to assist their fellow men and women during hard times will find themselves, guided. led and supported during the worst of the changes.

* The exchange of goods and services will provide a new fabric
for the society of the future.

* Those Children of the Heart who form the new communities will simply learn to do without.

* Total reliance upon mechanisation spells disaster for the future survival of the race.

* In the times ahead the farmers will once again have to learn to work closely with Nature, without the assistance of mechanisation. Many of the modern methods of farming will become obsolete, as the technology which drives them becomes unavailable.

* Home or community gardens will once again become the backbone of family and regional survival.

* Self-sufficiency will no longer be an ideal for a few, but will become an essential means of survival for the majority.

Age of Maitreya

Since August 1998, all Solar Eclipses have fallen in the sign of Leo (loving-kindness) and Aquarius (brother-sisterhood). This focus continues during the year 2000. The new Age of Maitreya, is the Age of group consciousness, based upon the following principles which describe the life of the group and individuals within the group.

* care and concern for the group
* group focus and group endeavour
* strive to nurture and strengthen the Will-to-Good
* serve the good of the whole
* we are our brother’s and sister’s keepers
* take up the task of comradeship, and brothers/sisters-in-arms
* unity not separation is the key to survival
* we will be thrown upon our own resources
* strengthen our capacity to live in the wilderness
* establish small communities and groups
* communal living
* commitment to local community
* global communal awareness
* those who recognise the need for community and unity will find each other
* we will be tested in our willingness and capacity to live lives based upon principles of harmlessness
* development of common decent human values such as equality, freedom, liberty and peace

In these turbulent times, we must all build and strengthen our faith and hope, which will become our lifelines in times fast approaching.

© Chandra Easton