Diamond Light Healing

DIAMOND LIGHT  Esoteric education is suitable for practitioners of the social/health/creative/healing arts who wish to deepen their practice with Light.  It is also suitable for students of the Ancient Wisdom, who are dedicated to their inner soul journey.  We will be covering in  theoretical and practical terms the Esoteric Sciences of the Seven Rays, the Path and Science of Light & Soul Healing, which inform the newly emerging professions of Esoteric Healing and Esoteric Psychology.

  1. Spiritual Law & Soul Life, Foundations of Light, Holy Teachers
  2. Rays and the Heart of spiritual practice
  3. Angels, Alchemy and the Heart Lotus
  4. The Path and Initiations
  5. Seven Ray Healing
  6. Radiant Path of Soul Service
  7. Living in Light

MODULES  Each module consists of several workshops.  Teaching and healing is within a small group; we will meet once a month on a Saturday, over the next 18 months or thereabouts.  Enrolments for 2020 are now open – commencing on 22nd February, 2020.  Email for a Registration Form.

WORKSHOPS  Each module consists of several workshops, which combine Esoteric teachings with personal healing, meditation and group dynamics.  This is a practically based training, firmly anchored in  the Ageless Wisdom. These training modules are supportive, practical, educational, healing and professional by nature.      

Seven Modules:  Esoteric Psychology & Esoteric Healing


Module One:  Foundations & Triangles of Light & Holy Mother

  • Life of the Soul
  • Foundations of Light
  • Triangles of Light
  • Holy Mothers Healing

Module Two:  Rays & Heart of Spiritual Practice 

  • Path of the Heart
  • Maintaining Balance
  • Heart of Spiritual Practice

Module Three: Angels, Alchemy & Heart Lotus

  • Working with Angels
  • Alchemy & Serpent Fire
  • Into the Heart

Module Four:  The Path & Initiations

  • First Threshold revealed
  • From darkness to Light
  • Messengers of Love

Module Five:  Seven Ray Healing

  • Aura cleansing
  • Seven Ray Healing
  • Music & the Rays

Module Six:  Radiant Path of Soul Service

  • Radiant Path of Light
  • Paths of Service

Module Seven: Living in Light

  • Seven Ray Healing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Regression
  • Student Clinic