Living in Light

We are living through the Great Change.  In these early decades of the Age of the Heart – oceans, landmasses, global economy, society, religion, world politics – are all being restructured as the Violet Fire of the 7th Ray descends.  It comes to prepare the way for Maitreya, the Teacher of Angels and Humanity, Who will become the fifth and future Buddha of Earth in about 500 years time.

During these momentous times no continent, government or nation will remain untouched by this alchemical process.  The atomic structure of life on earth is being transmuted.  The world as we knew it is undergoing such radical transformation that it is difficult to remain stable in its midst.  Everywhere we look, chaos appears to rein.  Yet when you look beneath the surface, the Light of Hope is steadily growing.

Pure white and blue Ascension Light, initially heightens global conflicts, however it also creates a space for global harmony to  manifest.  The Ascension Light is lifting Gaia and humanity towards “peace on earth, goodwill to all”.  However within the greater Plan, progress towards “the peace that passeth all understanding” is extremely slow, viewed through the prism of earth time. It may take several hundred years before some level of stability and harmony has been anchored within our collective hearts.

Native American art of Grandmother Moon sacred earth

How will this happen?  Those souls who wish to live in harmony with one another, irrespective of differences, are uniting now to build foundations for the New Earth. At the same time, old structures are falling away or being dismantled.  New ways of living are emerging:-  reconnection with community life;  recognizing that money is simply energy to be shared;  care and protection for land and animals;  the emergence of sustainable, wholesome agriculture practices;  gathering in new ceremonies of worship;  celebrating the Spiritual Festivals of the Solar Year and healing through Sound and Light – these are just a few way we see the New Dawn emerging on earth.

We stand at the watershed between the Age of Pisces and the Age of the Heart (Aquarius).  In order to maintain our inner peace and equilibrium, we need to center within and allow our hearts to attune to the frequency of love.  There are so many ways to find and maintain this frequency of love:- meditation, invocation and decrees; simple acts of kindness; volunteering;  serving ones family; speaking out for change; hugging others or leading/mentoring change – the list is endless.

Light of the Soul

What is most important is that we heal and forgive ourselves. Then, when the time is right, we will become clearer vehicles for our soul’s Light.  By taking an active role within groups which serve the greater good, we contribute to earth’s ascension.  Heart-based groups are the primary way that the Violet Fire and Ascension Flame descends and is distributed throughout the world.  When we gather in groups of good intent, we become conductors and transmitters of this Light.  Our evolution, and that of the earth, is intrinsically linked.  Gaia need us to stand in Light.  We need Gaia in order to be healed.  When we align in sacred ceremony with the Heart of Earth, we become transmitters of holy Light.  This Light flows from the realms transcendent, through our collective purified auras, via the Serpent Paths within Earths’ Light body to all Kingdoms and places on earth and those who suffer for lack of love.

Global Lightworkers

This Light grid, earth’s aura, (Hurqalya in Middle Eastern mystical terms), is the interface between humanity and Spirit.  Hurqalya is the invisible space wherein the Angels, mythical Dragons, Star Beings and Ascended Teachers, wait patiently for us to heed and respond to Their call.  Our soul calls us to this work of planetary healing.  As we respond our aura is slowly purified and begins to sparkle with radiance.  Deep peace, inner strength, great love and overflowing joy are just a few of  the gifts we receive by merging with Gaia and Great Spirit.

26th July 2013
Chandra Easton