Serpent Mother Returns

Many years ago, this dramatic and prophetic vision came to me – it described the seven plagues descending upon humanity, to cleanse and purify our collective shadow. Now, almost twenty years into this deep karmic redemption of humanity, it is obvious to many people that this cleansing, known as the Great Change is accelerating dramatically each and every year.

Let us work with Serpent Mother, Mother of the Earth, that we may all rise into greater Light. Feel free to contact Chandra, in order to participate in our weekly zoom Earth Healing Service . . . .

Uluru & Serpent Mother
"We sing and chant for world peace.  A violet doorway opens.  Great Serpent Mother appears.  Millions of Violet Fire devas and salamanders enfold and penetrate the Earth.

Death walks upon the Earth. The hand of death, the smell of death, the fear of death.  It hovers like a cloud of disease – it rises from the very body of the Earth.  The blood of innocents, millenniums old.  Ancient hatred, ancient darkness, ancient disease is purged, cleansed, lifted from the Earth that Earth may survive, that the Children may return to live in peace.

The locusts descend.  The seven plagues are upon us.

The Hand of God descends and lifts the fetid smell, the fetid shadow from the Earth and lo the Earth is revealed in all Her pristine beauty, Her grace.  She is the Jewel reborn.  She will be reborn ere long – take heart.  The Jewel shines from the Cosmos upon the Earth.  The Earth, the Jewel radiates.

The Great Serpent Mother Ua Zit returns to reclaim what is rightfully Hers.  She is the Mother of the Earth, the Mother of all Mothers, the Serpent Mother of the Universe.  She births galaxies;  She births races;  She births Earth.  She returns to herald the new day.

Chaos is replaced by calm.  Death is replaced by birth/Life.  Work with the Serpent Mother.   Remember Serpent Mother.  Reclaim Earth for Her Children and Her Children’s Children’s Children."
19 November 2002
Serpent Mother