Certificate in Esoteric Psychology

Regular Email & Zoom tuition

The beauty of this personalized distance education course is that it is tailored to your specific needs.  In order to integrate these esoteric studies, the Certificate course may not be completed in less than six months; generally students take between twelve to eighteen months to complete their training.

Tuition, Textbook Fees, Enrolment

All fees are to be paid in advance through online direct deposit to Chandra’s account.  You are responsible for ensuring that the full fees are paid in Australian Dollars prior to receipt of textbooks, tuition and assignment grading.  All requirements – fees, tuition, assignments, online videos – are to be completed before receipt of the Certificate of Esoteric Psychology is provided. 

Fees are outlined in the attachment below.  If you would like to proceed with enrolment in the Certificate in Esoteric Studies, please Email Chandra with the Enrolment form completed.  If you have any further questions, please contact me.

Diploma in Esoteric Astrology

Completion of the Certificate in Esoteric Studies is a prerequisite to enrolment in the Diploma of Esoteric Astrology.

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