Certificate in Esoteric Psychology

Distance Education

This Certificate Course consists of Four Modules

1: Foundations, Esoteric Landscape, Rays, Spiritual Hierarchy, Cosmology

  • Life of the Soul 
  • Path of the heart
  • Maintaining Balance 

2: The Inner Constitution: kundalini, chakras, aura, inner bodies

  • Light of the Soul
  • Alchemy of Light
  • Into the Heart 

3: The Path and the Initiations: Crosses, Planets & the Path

  • Realm of the Soul
  • First Threshold Revealed
  • From Darkness to Light
  • Messengers of Light

4: The Radiant Path of Soul Service: Joy of Service

  • Radiant Path of Light
  • Paths of Service (i)
  • Paths of Service (ii)


These textbooks may be used for personal study or as foundational texts for this Certificate Course.

Online Resources: Videos, Guided Meditations

Access to videos where Chandra takes you step-by-step through this vast subject, are a useful adjunct to the textbooks and your own research. Also available are guided meditations, mantras, contemplative exercise etc.

Written Assignments & Resources

Each Unit comes with a set of questions, which are required to be answered in written form – nothing too long or involved, generally a paragraph per question is sufficient; preferably sent through email to Chandra on a regular basis.  Assignment questions from each Unit must be completed before commencement of the next Unit of study.   Upon Registration, you will be provided with a booklist /web address of reading resources, online meditations and list of meditation CDs for purchase.  These will greatly enhance your studies and practice.

Meditation & Spiritual Healing practice

This course must be undertaken  in combination with active meditation and spiritual healing involvement, either within a group context or individually, or with a trained professional.  So the onus will be on you to find local support with a spiritual healer and commit  to a regular spiritual healing every 6 weeks and/or an absent healing with Chandra. Additionally you  are required to actively participate in regular meditation.

An integral part of the training is the opportunity to bring your many questions to me – through email or Zoom.  A good system is to write down your questions as you move through the Units.  A regular schedule of contact will be established – generally monthly, depending on your study habits.

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