With Liberty

God is Love_fiery heart_Jesusjpg

From Himalaya His Love extends

Cross rivers deep and mountains wide.

With mighty steps, He strides, He strides.

No border, creed, nor race He sees

No harm, no scorn, can thus impede.

Himalaya O Himalaya, where Love runs free.

red_serpent._world mother

As mountains fall and oceans rise,

New Earth emerges from on high

Demarcations mine and yours

Swept away as oceans roar.

Earthly Fire and Solar Sun

Holy, Holy, onwards come.

God is Love_fiery heart_Jesusjpg

Ancient wars and ancient creeds

Breed bitter fruit and bitter seed

Blood is spilled and shed again,

While Love unseen falls soft like rain. red_serpent._world mother

Neath sorrowed skies, Death stalks by night

Through cities feared, devoid of Light.

To faces turned, His Love it streams

Pervading all, restoring dreams.

To hearts that ache for peace once more

Sweet peace, sweet rest and end of war.

God is Love_fiery heart_Jesusjpg

By Hebron’s streets in deepest night

Her Light shines forth, Her courage bright.

And Darkness flees before Her gaze

Her Sword of Justice clears the way.

She Lights the path wherein Hope treads

With Liberty, She walks ahead.

red_serpent._world mother

Ancient wars and ancient creeds

Breed bitter fruit and bitter seed.

Shadows stealing through the night

Calling, calling for the Light.

God is Love_fiery heart_Jesusjpg Candles lit and hearts a weeping

Love and comfort for the keeping.

Vigils met as peace abounds

While loss is felt and silence sounds.

Might returns and victory strong

Voices one are raised in song.

red_serpent._world mother

Eternal Flame, He burns so bright

Through darkest days and darker nights.

Burning, burning, burning bright

New Jerusalem: shine forth your Light!

Through darker days and darker nights

New Jerusalem: shine forth your Light!

God is Love_fiery heart_Jesusjpg


16th November, 2015


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Chandra Easton