And so to love

Lady Yasodhara - Rose of Earth

To be invited into Love, this is the greatest blessing

To surrender to love’s fire, is to burn through all desire.

To share in love’s triumph, is to lift the heart still higher,

To bind and then release is to feel the deepest peace.

To birth and seed a child, is to walk the sacred mile.

To storm the chambers of the heart, is to let loose the mystic art.

To plant and nurture for the morrow, is to bless and also sorrow.

To walk the Path together, in all kinds of bitter weather.

To release and trust in love, is to make a hero of the heart.

To seek the mountain high, is to go where eagles fly.

To love without constraint, is to rid the world of hate.

To stand undefended against love, is to join the angels choir.

To love and lose and let all be, is to make your peace and thus be free.

To be invited into Love, this is the greatest blessing.

Chandra Easton

22nd July 2015


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