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about the things that matter to you. Her approach is practical, insightful, intuitive, compassionate and confidential.  Affordable sessions and yearly updates provide clarity and help with making decisions.  Testimonials

Letters from a loving Heartour heart is a garden

Letters from the inner worlds of Light, that have given me the hope, joy and courage to persist in learning to live in Light.

Songs & Poems

When the Spirit moves me words of praise often follow.  Sometimes they emerge as songs or prayers of hopdovese and joy for the New Earth.  Some of these have been given melodies and wings by Arjuna from Music Heart Journey.

Healing Earth’s Light Body

Harness’s the Light of the Seven Rays to activate the Light Body of Earth, by connecting us with the Angels. You are welcome to join in this Service for the earth where we focus upon increasing the Light within ourselves, our families and humanity. Together we work actively with Invocations, Prayers, Songs and Meditation to co-operate with our soul and Spirit.  By Donation.  Suitable for those over 16 years.Uluru-Sunset


Inspirational Readings

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