Australian Federal Election – 2nd July, 2016

Zachary Casper
Written 29 June 2016

The upcoming Australian federal election will be held this Saturday, 2 July. Since mid April or so, it was widely known that the election would be held on this date. This election is unusual in that it is a so-called “double dissolution”, in which both the upper house (Senate) and the lower house (House of Representatives) of the Canberra. Parliament are dissolved and all seats are up for grabs. Normally in federal elections it is only in the lower house that all 150 seats are contested, while half of the total Senate seats (75) are contested, the other half not up for election or re-election. The last time that Australia saw a double dissolution election was in 1987.

This particular election campaign or cycle has been in effect for about eight weeks from May 8th when the current Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, went to the residence of Governor-General of Australia to declare that Parliament would be dissolved and the election would be held on 2 July. An eight-week election campaign is considered quite long in Australia, as the duration of most recent election campaigns have been from 4 to 5 weeks. Generally speaking, it can be stated that most average Aussies are not very keen or interested in politics, and thus election campaigns are usually regarded as nonevents, except of course for those directly participating. There is widespread cynicism and distrust of politicians here, much of which is deserved. The “pollies”, to use an Aussie slang, are generally regarded as having put their own self-interest ahead of that of the common person. However in my opinion there do exist some very fine politicians sitting in the Canberra Parliament, particularly in the upper house or Senate.

The main parties contesting are the Australian Labor Party (ALP), currently the party of opposition, and the Coalition consisting of an alliance of the Liberal Party and the Nationals, the group currently forming government. The Australian Greens are regarded as the third party in the system, and there are a number of independent pollies, mostly Senators, sitting in the upper house. The current double dissolution election was called by PM Turnbull as a way to “rid” the Senate of the so-called “cross benchers” or independents, who were opposing much of the Coalition legislation passed in the lower house. That legislation was blocked by a combination of ALP and Greens Senators, plus the Independents, in the upper house of the Canberra Parliament. Astrological factors in the election day horoscope.

Astrological Factors

The astrological factors in this election are quite interesting, as they usually are. The first horoscope or chart to examine is for election day itself, 2 July, for Canberra the national capital. I selected the time of 8 pm because voting stations in Western Australia (the last state to finish voting) close their doors at 6 pm local time or 8 pm in Canberra. Of course there may be some arguments to use another time for this horoscope.

This election chart is, unfortunately, not an easy one when we look at the aspects involved. We can see a Grand Cross in mutable signs, consisting of two interlocking oppositions, Moon in Gemini opposing Saturn in Sagittarius, and Jupiter and the Lunar North Node opposite Neptune and the Lunar South Node.In my view the planets Jupiter and Saturn are particularly important factors to consider when looking at the astrology of a national election, as those planets govern the setup and formation of the established order. Here they are in square aspect to each other, thus presenting tension / challenge. What is more worrisome is that Neptune, the planet governing illusion, glamour and deception in its lower vibrations, is interacting with both Jupiter and Saturn in a difficult or negative manner. Neptune is rising in the first house in the 8 pm chart, and that is a real worry as in my view, it can actually indicate the possibility of some sort of ballot fraud. I hope that I am wrong on that account, but the possibility is there, I reckon.

electionThe Moon in Gemini completes this very challenging Grand Cross pattern, as it forms a square aspect to both Jupiter and Neptune. What does this all mean? I believe that the results of the July 2nd poll will be fluctuating, fluid, indecisive or uncertain, keynotes of the mutable signs in their lower energies. That likely translates to a hung parliament in the lower house, in which neither major party (the Coalition or Labor) get enough elected MPs to form government in their own right. And I reckon that is actually a good thing, because among the Aussie public (including myself) there is a lot of cynicism about whether either major party can be completely trusted to govern the nation with an outright majority. In a hung parliament, (the current polls are now also predicting a very, very close contest) it would mean that the leaders of the two major parties, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten (ALP) and current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (Coalition) would be forced to negotiate with independent, third party and micro party elected MPs, in order to get their support for the necessary numbers to form government. And both leaders are very reluctant for that to happen, in fact it is probably correct to say that they even hate contemplating such a scenario.

Prime Minister / leader of the Liberal / National Coalition Malcolm Turnbull’s chart

As far as I know, the time of Turnbull’s birth was not known until now. Most charts for him that can be found on the internet state that his Sun sign is Scorpio, but that is not correct in my view. His chart contains a Libra stellium with a 5 degree Ascendant and a Neptune / Sun conjunction, the Sun placed in the very last few minutes of that sign.

turnbullTurnbull is a wealthy individual (self-made millionaire), formerly a journalist, a merchant banker and a venture capitalist. The strong themes of money / finance /business can be seen by the planets in his second house, which rules those matters. He has a Saturn / Mercury conjunction in Scorpio there. And Venus, ruler of both his Ascendant and Sun is in the very last minute of Scorpio, all in that second house. His Sun in late Libra is also verging on the second house cusp in this chart.

Looking at Turnbull’s tenth house – which rules career and public image – we would expect to find some strong influences there and indeed there we see a powerful Jupiter / Uranus conjunction in Cancer. Thus no surprise that he has been a prominent figure in the public eye here in recent decades, during the past 10 years as a politician and now as our Prime Minister. The Jupiter / Uranus conjunction makes a number of aspects to other planets in his chart; it is forming a very nice sextile to the Moon in Virgo in house 12 and a trine to Venus in house 2. But the conjunction also forms a difficult square to the Sun / Neptune conjunction in Libra, and an opposition to Mars in Aquarius in house 4. Thus from the astrological perspective, there are some powerful forces working against his “comfort zone” in regard to profession and public standing that he could otherwise hope to find with such a prominent Jupiter and Uranus. Historically in September 2008 he became leader of the Liberal Party, but lost that position in December 2009 to Tony Abbott, a political figure far more conservative or right-wing. Abbott then became Australian Prime Minister after the September 2013 federal election, but was turfed out by his own party only two years later in 2015 (Abbott is viewed by many Aussies as a strong candidate for the title of “worst-ever” PM of Australia) when he was replaced by Turnbull, the man Abbott had himself replaced just a few years earlier. So Turnbull has experienced a fair amount of ups and downs in just the last few years in regard to his professional standing in the Liberal Party.

It is worth noting that besides the Jupiter / Uranus conjunction in the house of profession and public image, the Moon is the “official” ruler of that tenth house. In the chart his Moon is placed in Virgo in house 12, a position which indicates some secrecy or behind the scenes activity or deals. In charts of pollies, I am always a bit wary when I notice strong 12th house planets. The Moon makes semi-sextile aspects to Pluto and the Sun, which indicates that Turnbull’s “official” position is subject to shifts and changes, but that through the force of his personality he can and often does come out “on top”. The Moon is also forming a positive sextile aspect to Venus, his ruler, which is helpful.

Turnbull’s progressed horoscope. for the July 2nd election

All things considered, the secondary progressions in Turnbull’s horoscope for July 2nd are not that encouraging. If he were to have a chance at winning the election, we should be seeing some support for his Jupiter / Uranus conjunction from other progressed planEts, but that is not the case. His progressed Moon is at 22 degrees Sagittarius and in the third house, not offering much support in his bid to retain his position as national leader through victory in the election. Even more telling is his progressed Sun – at two degrees of Capricorn – coming into conjunction with his fourth house cusp of residence and home base. That position to me indicates a fairly big change in regard to the home life or residence, which can be interpreted as a possible shift out of his present official abode, The Lodge in Canberra which is where the sitting PM resides. Progressed Mercury is also nearby at 1 degree Capricorn, reinforcing the perception that he may soon be about to change his residence at The Lodge should he lose the July 2nd poll. So it is hard to find much evidence of support from progressed plants in his chart for the election.

Leader of the Opposition / head of the Labor Party Bill Shorten’s chart

Once again – curiously – there is no official time recorded for the birth of Bill Shorten, so I reckon that this may be the very first time that his horoscope has been published on the internet. Shorten has a fairly powerful chart with planets supporting his prominence in the public awareness. In house 10 which rules career, profession and public image, he has a Sun / Mercury conjunction in Taurus and also his Lunar North Node. This conjunction is forming a powerful trine aspect to another conjunction, that of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo and at the end of his second house ruling finances, money and material resources. The Uranus / Pluto / Virgo combination to me indicates his connection to the trade union / labor movement through which Shorten rose to public prominence. First he was a trainee organiser at the ACTU, then in 2001 he was elected National Secretary of the AWU and re-elected in 2005. He was first elected as an MP to the Canberra Parliament in November 2007.

Shorten’s Cancer Ascendant

This is strategically “flanked” by two important planets which are both considered “benefics” in astrology. Venus at 2 degree of Cancer is rising about 6½ degrees above the Ascendant, and even more powerful is his Jupiter placed in the first house at 28 degrees. Curiously, both Turnbull and Shorten have Jupiter in their respective charts placed in the same degree of the same sign! They were born about 12½ years apart, which is the timeline for Jupiter to make one complete circuit of the zodiac. Jupiter in Shorten’s chart is forming a trine to Neptune, giving him a fairly jolly and sympathetic personality. Neptune is also important in that it is opposing his Sun / Mercury conjunction. This makes Shorten fairly receptive to “neptunian” influences, be those of the higher order (sympathy, compassion, meditation and contemplation) or the opposite, the lower energies of deception, delusion, glamour and confusion. Probably in his private life to this point in time there would be some evidence of the struggle between the higher and lower energies of Neptune.

The Moon is the ruling planet of his Cancer Ascendant

Therefore, it is an important factor in the chart. The Moon is placed in Gemini in house 12, once again not a particularly “good look” in my view. Just as in the case of Turnbull’s lunar placement, that represents secrecy and deals done behind the scenes and out of public scrutiny. As mentioned, I really don’t like such placements in the charts of politicians who are vying for positions of great power and influence. The Moon is forming a difficult square to the Uranus /Pluto conjunction, which in my view can lead Shorten into some tangled and shadowy pathways, but it is also receiving a trine aspect from Mars in Libra, giving lots of energy and drive to his personality.

Finally there is Saturn in Aries, forming a difficult square to Venus, and a challenging semi-square to Mercury. Saturn is not a “prominent player” in this chart, so one has to wonder just how well Shorten can actually handle authority and responsibility – important are Saturnian key words – which would descend upon his shoulders were he to
assume the office of Prime Minister.

Shorten’s progressed horoscope for the July 2nd election

In stark contrast to Turnbull’s progressions on election day, Shorten’s chart is getting help from some fairly powerful progressed planets. Most spectacular of all is progressed Sun at 7 degrees of Cancer, just one degree away from exact conjunction with his Ascendant!! Hard to find a more powerful alignment than that, I reckon. Progressed Mercury is also in Cancer, in house 1, forming a powerful sextile to his Sun / Mercury position. Shorten’s Moon is progressed to 12 degree of Aries, where it is justpassing away from a conjunction with natal Saturn at 8 degrees of the sign. To me, this indicates that Shorten may be ready to shoulder some real responsibility and serious tasks, which is what Saturn represents.

But there is one factor which does seem to be working against Shorten on election day, and that is the placement of his progressed Venus at 22 degrees of Leo. In that position it is forming a challenging square to his natal Sun / Mercury conjunction at 20 – 21 degrees of Taurus. Perhaps even stranger – and more difficult to interpret – is the square from progressed Venus to natal Neptune at 23 degrees of Scorpio. In other words, his progressed Venus is forming a square to the Sun / Mercury opposition Neptune aspect. Because of this, it is difficult to see Shorten winning an outright victory in the election – due to hidden or unusual factors – despite other influences that support that possibility.

Australian Greens leader Richard Di Natale’s chart

Once again, no official time is recorded for the birth of Australian Greens leader Richard Di Natale. The Greens are the unofficial “third party” in Aussie politics, and have been so for some time now. They rose to a position of prominence in the August 2010 “hung parliament” election when they gave their support to Julia Gillard of the ALP who then was able to remain in the office of PM which she first assumed in June 2010. She was the first female PM to be installed in that office in the history of the nation.

Di Natale’s chart is very interesting. He is a double Gemini, born with both Ascendant and Sun in that sign. That position, in and of itself, indicates a personality that is powerful and magnetic, just the sort of traits needed by any leader of a third party or third force in national politics trying to boost the party’s profile. The problem with his Sun, though, is that it is only forming two other aspects and weak ones at that, to other planets in the chart. There is a semi-sexile aspect of 30 degrees between his Sun and Saturn in Taurus, as well as another semi-sextile between Sun and Venus in Cancer. Venus and Saturn are forming a lovely sextile aspect of 60 degrees. While the semisextile aspects from his powerfully-placed Sun to Venus and Saturn are welcome, in my view they are not powerful enough to lift Di Natale and thus the Greens into a position of real prominence or influence in the Aussie political scene.

Di Natale has some strong planets in his first house of self awareness and innate talents, namely a conjunction between Moon and Mars in Cancer, giving him lots of energy and drive. This is someone who is not willing to shy away from conflict or dissent, if the occasion arises. However, that Moon / Mars conjunction also forms a challenging square aspect to Uranus in Libra, meaning that the outlets for his energy and drive is often not understood, or interpreted as being “kooky”, or somehow comes out as “over the top” or whatever.

One really big problem with this chart is that Jupiter is so “hidden” there, especially when we compare this to the respective placements of Jupiter in the charts of Turnbull and Shorten, where the planet is much more powerfully placed. By being “tucked away”in the fourth house, ruling home and domicile, Jupiter simply cannot act in a strong enough manner in this chart to attract the attention of the established authorities, or even the millions of average persons who remain mostly ignorant or uninvolved in political issues. The only good aspect that Jupiter forms there is a weak semi-sextile to Pluto. Saturn and Mercury are in conjunction in this chart, meaning that Di Natale has good powers of concentration and mental discipline. He was involved in the medical profession as a general practitioner and a public health specialist before entering politics. This conjunction also makes him somewhat traditional in his approach to some issues, thus unable to understand or comprehend how things might be done differently, but it also imparts a practicality to his nature.

di nataLE

Chiron is very powerfully placed in this chart, just four degrees from exact conjunction with the Midheaven. If we consider that part of the main message of the Greens – even though not necessarily expressed in this manner – is to “heal the earth”, then the strong position of Chiron in this chart placed in the tenth house of profession and public image is a very good indicator of that. Unfortunately, Chiron forms an opposition to Uranus in the chart, and squares the Moon / Mars conjunction, meaning that there are some real obstacles in getting the “earth healing” message out to the public at large.

Di Natale’s progressed horoscope for the July 2nd election

Here we see a somewhat mixed picture, even a confusing one. Di Natale’s ruling planet, Mercury, is progressed to 14 degrees of Leo, from where it is making a nice sextile to his natal Sun. His progressed Mars is making a helpful semi-sextile aspect to its own natal position. But his progressed Sun has reached 28 degrees of Cancer, from where it is forming a square to his natal Jupiter, which indicates that he and his party may have over reached themselves or their political ambitions. Both progressed Venus and progressed Moon in his chart are forming a square aspect to his natal Sun, which are not that muchof a good look either. The Greens have some high hopes for this election, in which they aim to win another one or two seats in the lower house above the one that they already have, and perhaps increase the number of their Senators in the upper house. However, based upon Di Natale’s progressions, I cannot see that they will gain that much, over and above what they already have in the Canberra Parliament, after July 2nd.

The influence of transiting Jupiter and Saturn in the charts of the party leaders

This is an interesting consideration because as mentioned earlier, in my opinion we must look at the current positions (transits) of Jupiter and Saturn in the charts of any aspiring political leader, because those planets particularly influence whether that individual will rise or fall. On the July 2nd election, Jupiter will be at 17 degrees of the sign Virgo and Saturn at 11 degrees of the sign Sagittarius.

Malcolm Turnbull’s chart reveals transiting Jupiter placed in a weak position in house 12, not really aspecting any other planet in his horoscope. That is not good news for someone trying to win a national election! Transiting Saturn is also not offering a great deal of support, placed in his third house (communications and travel) and forming a mildly beneficial semi-sextile to his Saturn / Mercury conjunction. While that is indeed somewhat helpful, it is hard to see how it can really inspire the majority of Aussie voters to support him and the cause of his party.

Bill Shorten’s chart reveals transiting Jupiter in a very interesting – and mostly helpful – position. Jupiter will be forming a close conjunction to Pluto and another conjunction to Uranus in his chart, which by itself will not be enough to win the election, but can and most likely will help him to “rise from the depths”, phoenix-like, as he is currently considered the underdog in this contest. Transiting Jupiter is also supporting his Sun / Mercury conjunction in Taurus through a very favourable trine aspect. Also, transiting Jupiter on election day will be in exact square or challenging aspect to his Gemini Moon, the ruling planet of his chart. Normally that would indicate some sort of obstacle or challenge to overcome, but in this instance I believe that Jupiter’s position will help stimulate his personality (ruled by the Moon) in the public consciousness.

But whereas Shorten’s chart will be very much helped by the position of transitingJupiter, when it comes to Saturn it is a different story. Saturn will be placed in opposition or challenging aspect to his natal Moon, and that no doubt will present a big hindrance to his ambitions of winning the election and becoming PM in his own right. On the other hand, transiting Saturn will be forming a benefic trine to the position of Shorten’s natal Saturn at 8 degrees of Aries. Once again, it appears that the stars are stating that the man may be ready to shoulder some real responsibility after July 2nd.

Richard Di Natale’s chart will be helped by the position of transiting Jupiter on election day. Jupiter will be forming a very helpful sextile aspect to his natal Venus and an exceptionally helpful trine aspect to his Saturn / Mercury conjunction, which should see him win re-election in his own right and remain as the leader of the Greens.

But Saturn is not / will not be kind to Di Natale on the day in question, as it forms a difficult, challenging opposition to the natal placement of his Sun. Thus all things considered, I think that while the Greens will do about as well in this election as they managed to do at the last one in September 2013, I really cannot see them making major gains this time in Parliament.


Here are my conclusions about the outcome of the Australian federal election to be held this Saturday, 2 July:

1) I simply cannot see a clear-cut or outright winner after the votes have been counted. The very difficult Grand Cross in mutable signs that forms in the heavens that day points, rather strongly, to an inconclusive result, with no clear-cut winner emerging.

2) Unfortunately, there is some indication that ballot fraud may be attempted. If that does occur – and let us hope it does not, or if tried it will be “nipped in the bud” – then it would be attempted in favour of the incumbent Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull and his ruling Coalition. Ballot fraud is almost always committed in favour of the
conservative party, the party of the establishment (big money and power), and almost never in favour of more progressive or left-leaning parties.

3) Shorten’s chart, taking into consideration both progressions and transits, is definitely stronger than Turnbull’s will be. Thus he has, in my opinion, the best chance of emerging as the ultimate victor in the election. But I see his possible success as the result of negotiations with elected MPs from the minor / micro parties and independents,
not in his own right.

4) The Greens and their leader Richard Di Natale will, I predict, more or less “hold their own” from what they achieved at the September 2013 election, but not do that much better.

Well these are my predictions based upon astrological considerations, now let’s see what actually occurs on and after July 2nd.

Zachary Casper