Children of the New Civilization

Children of the New Civilization_Chandra Easton

“The Path, which calls the Children of the Heart Home, is known as the Way of the Heart.  Lord Maitreya, the future Buddha of Earth is calling the Children of the Heart now to prepare them to live on Earth in a new consciousness.  Those who respond will be trained to live in the Spirit of the Heart and they will create the New Eden on earth.  These children include souls from far flung galaxies, angelic souls, extra terrestrial souls, inter-galactic souls, some human souls and children from the Stars.  Together we will become the 6th Root Race.  Although these souls will incarnate all over the earth, Australia has a special dharma in birthing the 6th root race.  From within this continent the new societies of the Age of the Heart will appear.” 

A fascinating account of the Great Ages of Earth, the history and future possibilities for life on earth.  Life in the 21st Century is described through the lens of the Great Change and its various stages  including the Great Ascension, Great Reversal, New Dawn.  Other topics covered included Root Races, Seven Mayan Prophecies, Birth of a New Civilization, Tools for Transformation and Meditation.  2012.


Now available as an E Book  download pdf

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