Maitreya Theosophy
Teachings of the Lord Maitreya, the Lord Buddha and the Hierarchy of Masters and Archangels.  Source for published works of Ananda Tara Shan in text, lecture and guided meditation form.
Heart Flow Worldwide

To bring love and healing to humanity and Earth. The heart is the source of love and forgiveness, the great mediator between our personality and our spiritual self. The heart has the power and capacity to heal and to bring out the best in us and our fellow beings, and to transform ourselves and the world.

New Avalon Iceland

The New Avalon Center in Reykjavik is a Lodge of The Theosophical Fellowship, headquartered in Australia.  A global not-for-profit organization which appeals to people who wish to live a life of right human relations and divine wisdom, seeking their innermost truth.

Music Heart Journey Australia & the world

Songs to Life – by Arjuna.  This site is to share with you a journey – from my heart – in music, song and celebration of life.  A portal for music downloads, concert information and other heart-felt links.  May this moment be sacred and beautiful, for you.

Heartscape Australia

A not-for-profit group providing a space to nurture your soul.   Several professional practitioners offering an array of regular spiritual activities including Mystery Schools, Meditation, Sound Healing Circles, Sunday Meditation Services and Ceremonial Earth Healing.

Deva Wings Publications

Deva Wings exists as a portal for spiritual understanding, coming into being on Right Human Relations day in 1994.  It’s foremost mission has been to make available the work of Tarajyoti Govinda who worked as a psychologist and spiritual healer, and who returned to her higher nature on the inner realms on Easter Monday in 1999.

Helle Louise Kierkegaard – Danish Artist

My ten fingers are my brushes and my hands my paint palette – that’s why I painted uncensored as a child and can therefore keep the naive intensity.  “Praise the bridge that carried you over”

Angel Art – Irish Artist & Geomancer

Derbhille from Drogheda, Ireland, has dedicated her work to total well being, health and abundance on all levels.  Services include – Healing, Dowsing /Divining, Spiritual Art, Reiki, Seichem and various related workshops.

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