Light of the Soul

Esoteric Psychology

Enrolment Enquiries welcome  – 2019

Esoteric education is suitable for practitioners of the social/health/creative/healing arts who wish to gain deeper insight into the nature of Light and the Path and its practical application. The Esoteric Sciences of the Seven Rays and the Science of Light, underpin all life on earth; they inform the newly emerging professions of Esoteric Healing and Esoteric Psychology.


This training is comprised of several modules of workshops. Commitment to one module at a time is required.  Courses are comprised of either four or five modules and take between approximately 18 months to   about 2 years to finish. New enrolments will be taken once the current group completes their training.


Each module is comprised of either three or four workshops, which combine esoteric teachings with personal healing, meditation and group dynamics.  This is a practically based training, firmly anchored in  the Ageless Wisdom. Students may choose a shorter or longer course of study, according to their interest and commitment. These training modules are supportive, practical, educational, healing and professional by nature.  

 Four Modules: 13  workshops

Module One:  Foundations & Triangles of Light & Holy Mother

  • Life of the Soul
  • Foundations of Light
  • Triangles of Light
  • Holy Mother Healing

Module Two:  Rays & Heart of Spiritual Practice 

  • Path of the Heart
  • Maintaining Balance
  • Heart of Spiritual Practice

Module Three:  The Path & Initiations

  • First Threshold revealed
  • From darkness to Light
  • Messengers of Love

Module Four:  Radiant Path of Soul Service

  • Radiant Path of Light
  • Paths of Service (i) (ii)

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