Earth’s Great Change

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Astrology (esoteric, medical, vocational, relationships) as well as Tarot, Angelic Clairvoyance and Life Path Soul Readings and spiritual healing Consultations.  Chandra

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On earth we are witnessing unprecedented global changes – political, social, technological and geo-physical. This is occurring as we enter into the Age of the Heart.  Life of earth provides opportunities for learning, healing and raising our consciousness into the heart. The Great Change is the movement from darkness to Light, a journey which we are all undertaking.

Through the lens of the Solstice and Equinox charts, focused upon different countries, and with the aid of astro-cartography, some predictions have been made.  Whether any or none of these predictions occur from 22nd June 2015 onwards depends on many complex factors including the will of the people of different nations, as well as my ability interpret the charts.  Below is a series of short videos – ranging from 10 mins to 30 mins per region.

Middle East

  • 12. North America, Canada, North Atlantic & North Pacific
  • 13. India, Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet
  • 14. Western Europe
  • 16. Northern Europe
  • 17. Africa