Certificate in Esoteric Psychology

Psychology of the Soul - Vol 1Certificate in Esoteric Psychology                      Distance Education

1.  Introduction to Cosmology & the Rays

This Unit introduces the basic Laws and Principles of Cosmology, as well as the study and practice of the science of meditation. We will also commence our study of the seven human temperaments known as Esoteric Psychology, or the Seven Rays.

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2. Rays & Chakras

This Unit continues the fascinating study of the Rays and their link to Esoteric Astrology. We will begin our study of the sacred planets of our solar system and an understanding of chakras and the aura and their role in our lives.

Esoteric Studies_Unit Three_cover_Chandra Easton3. Planets and the Path

This Unit completes the study of the sacred planets and moves on to the role of the non-sacred planets in our solar system and in our worldly life. We will also study the portion of the Path of Evolution known as the Mutable Cross.

4. Joy of Service
Esoteric Studies_Unit Four_cover_Chandra Easton

We move now to an examination of the Ten Seed Groups, which broadly outline the possible paths of soul service, linking these vocational paths to the sacred planets and Rays.

4 Textbooks

  1. Introduction to Cosmology and the Rays
  2. Kundalini, chakras, aura, inner bodies
  3. Initiations, Crosses, Planets and the Path
  4. Joy of Service
  5. (455 A5 pages in total)

Written Assignments & Resources

Each Unit comes with a set of questions, which are required to be answered in written form – nothing too long or involved, generally a paragraph per question is sufficient; preferably sent through email to Chandra on a regular basis.  Assignment questions from each Unit must be completed before commencement of the next Unit of study.   Upon Registration, you will be provided with a booklist /web address of reading resources and meditation CDs.  This will greatly enhance your studies and practice.

Meditation & Spiritual Healing practice

This course must be undertaken  in combination with active meditation and spiritual healing involvement, either within a group context or individually, or with a trained professional.  So the onus will be on you to find local support with a spititual healer and commit  to a regular spiritual healing every 6 weeks and/or an absent healing with me.

Additionally you  are required to actively participate in regular meditation.

Regular Email and Skype tuition with Chandra

An integral part of the training is the opportunity to bring your many questions to me – through email, phone, Skype.  A good system is to write down your questions as you move through the Units.  A regular schedule of contact will be established – either fortnightly or monthly, depending on your study habits.

The beauty of this personalized distance education course is that it is tailored to your specific needs.  In order to integrate these esoteric studies, the Certificate course may not be completed in less than six months; generally students take between twelve to eighteen months to complete their training.

Tuition & Textbook Fees

All fees are to be paid in advance through online direct deposit to Chandra’s account.  You are responsible for ensuring that the full fees are paid in Australian Dollars prior to receipt of textbooks, tuition and assignment grading.  I will provide regular Invoices, and in the event that you choose to discontinue your studies, before completion of the full course, you will not be eligible for the Certificate of Esoteric Studies.  You will be expected to have completed the payment of all tuition,  textbooks and resources received to date.


Upon completion of your Certificate in Esoteric Psychology you will be provided with a signed Certificate certifying your level of studies and competency across the subjects studies.  According to my discretion, you will be awarded either an overall Pass, Credit, Distinction or High Distinction.

Diploma in Esoteric Astrology

Completion of the Certificate in Esoteric Studies is a prerequisite to enrolment in the Diploma of Esoteric Astrology

Fees and Enrolment

Feel free to enquire regarding fees.  If you would like to proceed with enrolment in the Certificate in Esoteric Studies, please Email me and an enrolment form and Bank Account details will be provided.  If you have any further questions, please contact me.

Light of the Soul studies in Esoteric Psychology offered in person in a workshop setting.


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