Truth lies within the heart

Duplicity of the mind is an inevitable factor in all of our lives.  We are at the mercy of our personal selves, which have great investment in maintaining control of our mental faculties and thus our lives.  In some sectors of life to be spiritually minded is considered to be naïve;  in other circles the focus is upon the rational mind to the exclusion of the heart.

In all endeavours strive to live through the heart, knowing that the lower mind is the servant of the little self, the ego.  To be guided exclusively by the mind is to enter a life of dis-ease.  Learn instead to be guided through the heart, via the higher mind.  This is the Path of Heart, the way of the spiritual aspirant and disciple.  In these days of global turmoil, political instability, government corruption, materialism and racial hatred it is a challenge to find the still, small voice within.  Unless you invest time and energy in such a direction you risk losing yourself in the din of ordinary life.  Seek the Path of Light, which is the Path of Loving Kindness, the Middle Path of the Buddha. The way to live a life of upstanding integrity is to be guided by and through the Heart.

It is through your Heart that you connect with the hearts of others.  It is through your heart that you are linked to the light of your soul.  It is through your heart that you seek to serve and uplift your families, friends, communities, nations and the world.  Without heart you exist within a desert.  For many people their hearts are like a desert, deserted of true love, bereft of hope and lacking the healing waters of compassion.  The spiritual path teaches us to nurture our hearts and forgive ourselves and others.  Seek the way of the peaceful warrior and find the courage to make change, thus beginning to live a life of peace.  The peace of the soul cannot be attained unless you are truly willing to face the shadows within which block the light of your soul.

This may seem an impossible goal in such times of chaos.  In fact it is in the midst of such chaos that you most desperately need to find the sanctuary within your own heart.  To find the Sanctuary of the Heart is to enter the realms of peace.  To find the Sanctuary of the Heart is to enter the Temple within, to your I AM Presence, soul and Spirit.  By entering into the inner temple your heart begins to heal.  This will bring you, sooner or later, to the feet of the Lords and Ladies of Compassion and your soul and Spirit.  If this is the Path you seek, learn to pray and meditate.  If this is the Path that calls you, follow, follow, follow through the door of the heart to the light within.  If this is the Path you seek, know that it also seeks you.  The Path of Heart leads through the barrenness of the lower mind to the clear tranquil realms of the higher mind.  It is your higher self which calls you onwards;  calls you to heal yourself;  calls you to help another;  calls you to live in peace.

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People in the western world have the luxury of relative worldly peace and so they have the opportunity to strive for inner peace.  Many other souls upon this planet live in the midst of outer chaos.  They are driven from their homes, unable to feed or clothe their children, many live desperate lives of despair.  How can you help these suffering people?  There are many ways to aid and abet your fellow humans.  One such way is to build a reservoir of Living Light and peace upon our dear planet.

If you can find the courage to face yourself, moving through the abyss of your fears, shortcomings, failings and frailties, then you will find yourself in the inner realms of Light.  This may take a shorter or a longer period of time, nevertheless it will happen. Through courageously facing your shadow self, your ego, you assist in the eradication of humanity’s shadow.  It is this global shadow which provides the cover of darkness and deceit for the Lords of Darkness.  It is the Forces of Negativity/Darkness who seek to wage war, hatred and ethnic cleansing upon our planet.

So get to work upon your own shadow self.  If you can find the courage to face yourself, then you are helping to rid the world of darkness, replacing it with greater and greater Light.  The reduction of the global shadow and the increase of global Light is so critical at this time early in the new millennium.  Left unchecked the global shadow quickly amasses to become global hatred.  The negativity we see enacted all around our planet exists because we have created it through our ignorance and we have allowed it to take control through our apathy or fear.  If you wish to see earth become a lighted sacred planet begin, or continue, the process of active dismantling of your ego’s shadow.  Each and every one of you is responsible, through your past and present incarnations, for the existence of this global shadow, which seeks to annihilate the Light on earth.  The Negative Forces, which oppose the Path of Heart and Truth, hide behind and feed upon, this shadow.  They feed off of your fear, your apathy, your jealousy and your vulnerability.

To heal yourself is to heal the planet.

You may well ask, how can I heal myself?  All healing comes from the soul.  Heal yourself through forgiveness;  heal yourself through courageous actions;  heal yourself through self-education;  heal yourself through service;  heal yourself through self-love;  heal yourself through prayers and meditation;  heal yourself through purity.  It is the intention to heal yourself which will start the ball rolling.  However just the idea of it on it’s own is not enough;  you need to follow through on such good ideas with determined efforts.   In this way you will grow in light, peace and inner soul connection and you will become a drop in the Ocean of Light which will grow and glow until the shadow of humanity diminishes, day by day, month by month, year by year.

Together, the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth and those of humanity who are committed to Truth and Love will banish the Forces of Darkness from our planet.

Though our collective actions of love, forgiveness, service, education, prayer, purity and courage we will move ourselves and our Earth into the harmony of Truth and Love.  At this point in Earth’s evolution we are moving, as a species, through Chaos to Harmony.  No race, no religion, no colour, no creed, no class is exempt from this journey.  This is the path dictated by humanity’s soul, it is the only way forward, the Way of Redemption;  the Way of Release from the shadows which have plagued humanity for aeons.  Each journey begins with the first step.

Whether this is your first or your 10,000th step the important thing is to begin and to continue.

Together we will move forward into the New Day where Light will dictate life on Earth. Dare to dream of such a day on earth. Dare to dream and make it happen through the courage of your convictions based upon the truth which lies deep within your heart.

Chandra Easton