Earth’s New Revelation

New Day Dawns on Earth

Gathered together the conclave awaits us.  We are welcomed by the Angelic host into the New Day the New Dawn, the dawn of the new civilization, the dawn of the opening of the Heart of the Earth.

We enter the Temple.  The Great Silence descends.  Enter the emptiness, become the emptiness, awaken to you soul’s purpose, our One Great Purpose, the restoration of the Mysteries, the restoration of all that is sacred, the restoration of Justice, the restoration of Joy.

Let peace descend on Earth

Let peace descend on all. Let peace reign. The Spirit of Peace unites with the Spirit of Resurrection to hold the Earth in a loving embrace.  The Master raises His arm in silent blessing.  The Archangels guard the four sacred portals of Earth.  Order is restored.  Mayhem is banished.  Justice is restored.  Violence is banished.  Peace descends on all of humanity.  Peace descends of Earth.  Peace reigns – for a moment all is calm.

A golden doorway opens

  We are invited to follow the Christ.  His work, His Heart, His Way lies forward.

Will you come My children?  Will you join with Me?  Will you partake of My hearts work.  Will you come with Me into the hearts of all.”

The Motherships descend

The Flame Lords of old represent the old dispensation.  The Flame Lords of new – they are the New Dispensation.  We await Earth’s decision. We await humanity‘s choice.  We wait,  We wait.  Suspended between the old and the new, we wait.  Suspended in time, in motion, in action, we wait.

mountain cloud mothership

The 11th hour has come and gone.  The bell sounds.  The Ways begin to part – the old and the new.  The window between the worlds remains open.  Open for a time, open for deliberation. Open for all who choose.

The Mothers stand as the doorway

They point the Way.  They are the doorway, the tunnel, the womb unto the New Birth, the New Revelation, the New Dispensation. To the Heart through the Mother, come. Through the Heart to the Son, come. Through the Son to the Father, become One. The Ships alight, the ships descend, the ships alight. They will return.

“Resurrection awaits you all.  Resurrection reclaims all.  Resurrection restores all.  The Earth is undergoing Her initiation.

The Process has begun, stand firm.  The Earth rebirths, stand firm.  The Earth resurrects, stand firm.  The Earth reclaims, stand firm.  The Earth repairs, stand firm.  Resurrection has begun.  Rejoice.  Stand firm.  Rejoice.

Celebrate the awakening of the Heart.  Lose, the self, forget the self to find the Self.  Celebrate Birth, Celebrate Life, Celebrate Hope, Celebrate Sacrifice, Celebrate Justice, Celebrate Joy.  Become the Joy of Earth, the New Dawn breaking, awakening, rebirthing.”

Chandra Easton

25th September, 2002

Maitreya Day