The Growing Heart in Global Politics

Here we stand at the threshold of the new Age of the Heart. We look to our leaders to point the way, to guide and direct. To do so in the current climate of world politics is to be filled with despair. Where are our leader of courage and conviction? Where are our leaders of impassioned principles and humanitarian values? Where are our leaders with foresight and breadth of vision? If the political horizons seem bereft of hope, don’t despair.

Instead let us pray for leaders of the heart to emerge in every continent, in every democracy, in every emerging democracy, in every nation. When we, with one heart and one mind, begin to pray for leaders of the heart to emerge, it will happen. Take for example the dormant bulb of a lily, sitting in the cold winter soil, awaiting the warmth of the spring sunshine. The sunshine is like our prayers. Slowly, surely, inch by inch the sun reaches into the subsoil and awakens the life inherent within the bulb of the lily. Day by day the early spring sun shines. The bulb begins to be filled with life, you might say with hope. This analogy can be applied to all forms of public life and society in general.

Don’t focus upon the negativity you see in public or political life. Focus instead upon the emerging heart in the global political. Through such a focus, leaders of vision, of heart, of empathy with a willingness to right the wrongs within society will appear. These leaders are the vanguard of the New Humanity who are appearing in every arena of public life.

New leaders will be appearing in the realms of science, education, politics, religion, economy, the arts, medicine and psychology. These new leaders of the heart will gradually emerge and, like the lily, stand in all their radiant beauty in their own fields. What we have to do now is remember that we are currently in the depths of winter on earth. The winter of the old Piscean age has just begun to turn.

So use your prayers, your faith, your hope, your dreams, your actions and we will see the new leaders of Earth emerging. More and more people of good heart and sound mind will take the central role in communities, in governments in organisations. Maybe you are one of these good people. Maybe you have been considering standing up to be counted in your area of interest or specialisation. What are you waiting for? If you heart calls you to take a stand for good of a common cause, for the good of true social principles, for the inalienable rights of the oppressed – what are you waiting for? The new leader of Earth are here now. They just have to realise their potential and stand up and be counted.

If we can all stand up and be counted in our areas of expertise or calling then the world will turn towards the new spring, the New Day which is dawning all over earth. Just as surely as the lily will emerge from frozen earth to shine her radiant countenance towards the Sun so our world and it’s people will turn their faces to the Sun. This sun is hope, this sun is courage, this sun is the willingness to stand and be counted. Look to the future.

Chandra Easton

Letters from a Loving Heart . . .