The Great Reversal

It is clear that the worst of these dire predictions, below, did not occur in the years between 2001 – 2019.  However, despite this period of grace, humanity have failed to address the many inequities which exist between us as nations, races, sexes, religions; we have failed to address the harm perpetrated against the animals and Nature. 

Therefore, it appears that the period of grace is over.  Since the momentous Solar Eclipse of 26th December 2019, Earth’s Great Change has accelerated globally.  Re-reading the Hopi Prophecies (below) it appears that we have now progressed to stand on the brink of disaster.

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Predictions for the Earth   

 2001 and beyond . . . . . . .

 NATO, China, Russia

Humanity’s movement into the year 2001 will be marked by global warfare and rapidly deteriorating environmental conditions in many parts of the Earth.  The people of China will be suffering as never before, whilst their government strengthens its alliance with other Anti-Western nations.  The NATO Alliance, backed by the United Nations, will be locked into international conflict with terrorist Islamic fundamentalist groups which will have formed a loose alliance, aided and supported by the Chinese Government.  The Russian nation will be in tatters, with a large degree of degeneration within the social, political and economic fabric of her people.

Breakdown of Civilization

Global warming and the intensification of the “Greenhouse Effect” will have begun to reach alarming levels.  Contamination of many strains of food will have occurred by viral strains racing unchecked through many food sources.  Gross shortage of supply of basic necessities will be causing hardship amongst the people of the Earth in many, many nations.  The breakdown of law and order will have occurred to a large extent in many of the underdeveloped countries of the world.  Governments will be fighting the ever increasing battle of domestic chaos, as well as international conflict.   The debate over the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons will reach a global crescendo with some of the emerging nations attempting to assert their authority through the use of nuclear power.  Environmental smog, failed rains, floods, Earthquakes, food contamination and disease will continue to cause ongoing worldwide chaos.  The sense of global decay and  collapse of society will be on everyone’s lips.

Great Battle

Hopes for peace, goodwill and the salvage of common human decency will seem an impossible dream for humanity as a whole.  The Forces of Darkness and the Forces of Light will be openly ranged against each other.  Humanity will have chosen where they stand, and thus the path before them.  The new millennium will usher in an Age of Peace, Hope of Brother/Sisterhood, but this will not come about without the cleansing of the old.  During the first decade of the new millennium, that which is a blemish upon the countenance of the new Earth will be removed.

Gone will be . . .

During this period life will revert to that of simplicity and survival.  Gone will be the complexities of modern life.  Gone will be the torturous faces of hatred, greed and selfishness which dominate much of the world and Her people.  In several mighty waves of redemption the Earth and humanity will be rid of much of the poisonous hatred and selfishness, which penetrates this Earth.  Gone will be normalcy, complacency, materialism, self-satiation and greed.   Gone will be the terror perpetrated against the masses.  Gone will be the power of the dollar. Gone will be the smug self-satisfaction of the landed, the gentry and the ruling class.  Gone will be those who betray the Earth Herself through annihilation and corruption.  Gone will be those who wage war for selfish motivations.  Gone will be those who sit in silent acquiescence.  Gone will be those who fear to act in favour of the Forces of Righteousness.  Gone will be those few who menace the Earth through intent malevolent.  Gone will be those many thousands upon thousands upon thousands who seek to hide their heads – heeding not the call for change.  “And who will remain?”  “The just, the virtuous, the meek.”

Those who are committed to the establishing of their way, the new order, the new civilisation which will be founded upon the principles of Love, Truth and Harmlessness.

 What May Be Done ?

And the cry goes forth?    “What can I do?”    “How can my small voice make a difference?”   “How can I help? ”   And  the answer resounds loudly in the inner ear.

Stand up for Truth!  Stand up for Freedom!  Stand up for Justice!  Stand up for Love!  Stand up for God!

Those who would stand up and be counted may be recognised by their:-

  •  Courage in the face of ordeals of all kinds.
  • Kindness in the midst of great suffering.
  • Justice when faced with injustice.
  • Compassion in the face of seemingly dauntless odds.

“So where do these Children of the Heart gather?”  “How may they recognise each other?”  “To Whom do they turn for help?”  “What best may they do to assist in the implementation of the Plan?”  These and many questions will come tumbling forth from the hearts and minds of the Children of the Heart.  If with one accord they would pray for understanding and inspiration then they will be guided – led by the hands, taught, educated, brought safely before the feet of the Mother.

Those Children of the Heart who truly wish to be of service to humanity during these endtimes will find themselves called upon as never before.  Let them answer the call – respond to the call of Christ.  In such a way these Children will find the pathway which leads from the shadows of these days of terror, towards the light of the Heavenly Realms.  The Teacher, Guide, Wayshower may show Him/Herself through the hands and hearts of ordinary individuals.

Follow the Heart

Renounce the little mind and the Truth shall set you free and lead you Homewards.

Sirius –  Guiding Star of Light

In any time of peril or deep trouble, there is often some form of emergency beacon which shines forth.  The light from such a beacon provides Hope, Protection and Comfort.  So it is with Sirius.  The light from this radiant Star of Light will guide humanity during the chaos of these times.  (Bailey 1982)  During this period humanity will be, to follow the same analogy, cast upon the sea of their own making.  Some under the guardianship of Sirius will find the lifeboats and experience the flare of protection which will shine forth.  A great many others will, by virtue of their own karma, be left to experience the end results of separation and selfishness.

Those who do not perish will feel as though upon a stormy sea rocked violently, shaken, hungry, cold. yet safe, protected, unharmed during the greatest of the difficulties leading up to the period of Reversal.  This period of Reversal will by virtue of the Will of God, be swift, exacting and penetrating to the core of all life of Earth.  The following predictions are given for planetary activity occurring during the year 2001.

Hopi Indian Prophecies  –  Purification Day

Humanity’s history is filled with references to such momentous occurrences in many traditions and religions of the world.  Prophetic traditions of the Hopi Indian people of North America speak of the coming of the end of civilisation, which they recognise as part of the Universal Plan manifested through the Great Spirit (Brinkerhoff, 1995).

The prophecies of the Beginning of Life and the Day of Purification have been passed on by certain Hopi Teachers including the late Dan Katchongva of the Sun Clan (1865 – 1972).  Many of the prophecies of the Hopi Indians reiterate the words of other prophets, past and present, such as Lord Jesus, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Ananda Tara Shan.  Some of the Hopi prophecies are listed below:-

  •  “Hail storms of great ferocity
  • Tornadoes and floods worsening and occurring in regions where they have never done before
  • Earthquakes coming as warnings, which, if not heeded will strike again with devastation to many cities
  • Great climatic changes worldwide
  • Famine, pestilences, disease and plague throughout the land
  • Collapse of white man’s technology
  • Contamination through water
  • Increased violence and warfare
  • The Moon will turn to blood, and the Sun will hide its face with shame
  • The seasons will change, and ice will flow from the north countries.”

The words of prophets, past and present, are often only recalled in hindsight.  The memory of global cataclysm is so overwhelming, that very few people can access this level of consciousness, and yet it has persisted in the mythology, Dreamtime, traditions and teachings of many races.

Great Reversal

Evidence for the theory of the Earth moving on its axis resulting in worldwide cataclysm exists in scientific circles.  As early as the 1950’s Professor Hapgood and Albert Einstein worked in close collaboration over “data from Antarctica, which indicated that that continent enjoyed a temperate climate at a time when a continental ice-cap lay over much of North America.  This virtually compelled the conclusion that a shift of the Earth’s entire crust must have taken place.”  (Hapgood, 1970).

Similarly in esoteric literature, the Ancient Wisdom Teachings indicate that “several times in the great life cycle of the Earth, there have been changing “pole stars” and that our present pole-star has not always held that position.  This science itself recognises.  At each of the great shifts in the Earth’s axis, there has been upheaval, confusion and cataclysm, preceding reconstruction, stabilisation and relative quiet.  Of these macrocosmic events there are similar microcosmic correspondences in the lives of both humanity and individual man.” (Bailey 1982)

The Great Reversal, which refers to the shift of Earth upon Her axis will, in all probability, occur before 2032.  This Reversal appears to be necessary because the larger part of humanity have not chosen, or shown insufficient willingness, to live in harmony, peace and brother/sisterhood with their neighbours.  The capacity for humanity to reverse their choice at this late stage is still possible, though considered remote.  Given the acceleration of selfishness as evidenced through the rapidly escalating wars; military domination;  use of weapons of mass destruction;  inability to share food and other resources;  and the continued, seemingly never ending escalation of materialism and the technological society at the expense of basic human rights, all point to a Pole Shift of substantial dimensions.

Change our ways

What is required by way of change within the greater percentage of humanity, in order to mitigate the severity of such a Pole Shift, is amongst other things:-

  • a reversal of attitudes, from hatred to love
  • a reversal of human values, from the mundane to the heartfelt
  • a reversal of orientation, from the material to the spiritual
  • a reversal of goals, from the personal to the collective
  • a reversal of interests, from self to others
  • a reversal of lifestyle. from the complex to the simple
  • a reversal of beliefs, from the cynical to the open
  • a reversal of livelihood from the harmful to the harmless

In short, humanity needs a complete re-orientation in order to be able to fulfill its dharma as caretakers of the Earth and the other Kingdoms of Nature.  Nature will take matters into Her own hands, and with the help of certain inter-galactic Beings and Messengers, Earth will be reversed upon Her Axis.  In so doing the capacity for Earth to sustain human life during this reversal will not be possible.  Therefore, whilst the greatest of the changes occurs, the Children of the Heart will be transported, via Ships of Light, to realms in deep space, there to await the stabilisation and readiness of Earth to receive the New Humanity.

Chandra Easton


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