She walks in Mystery

Those who seek the snow leopard must cross the pass and venture beyond the snowline. She lives deep in the mountains where no man ventures. Yet still some seek the snow leopard – why?

She walks in mystery. Through the silence she stalks; time itself eludes her. She walk in mystery. Into the timeless land she draws you hence. Into the timeless land her silent footfalls lead. She draws you on. Elusive, yet ever present, she awaits the few who dare to cross the snowline; to go beyond to the land where the snow covers all. To the silent stillness; deep into the heart of Himalaya she draws you ever on. All is stillness, save the whispering wind.

Follow her into the cave of forgetfulness, where sleep calls. Sleep wraps itself around you in this land of ice and snow. Deep into the heart of the mountain, the snow leopard waits. As you sleep, she waits with you. And still you sleep and so to dream.


But is it to the land of dreams you go? Or have you crossed the pass – the ring pass not – and now you stand in wonder within the realms of holiness? She has led you to the cave and out the other side to the land of wonder.

This land of snow, of peace, this place of sweet surrender. Wander free in the land of the snow leopard. Masters of grace reside within these lands. Beyond the mountains; into the lands of Shangri-la go thee. And still she stands, guardian of these holy lands; she greets the souls in search of Light. All else is illusion.

Beyond the veil, beyond the sun-kissed mountains; beyond the travail of the mortal world she waits. A place of peace, a place of hope, a journey never ending. In your dreams, you are called; in your dreams you return. She resides within in the place between the worlds. She walks in mystery.


Chandra Easton


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