Nestled in the Heart of the World Mother

As the Great Change rolls on out, theHeart of the World Mother will open to receive the souls of those people who are departing Earth for other realms.  A tide of human misery and decay will cause a veritable flood of people passing over to the inner planes during this period.  Those souls who have elected to become part of the new Humanity will be ushered to what may be referred to as Waiting Zones.

Within these realms the Children of the Heart will abide between incarnations, awaiting the call of their souls to reincarnate again upon the Earth.  Between incarnations, time as we know it ceases to exist.  Time spent upon the inner planes is time in limbo as it were.

During this period many, many millions upon millions upon millions of souls will pass over.  Some will move on, in due course to incarnate upon a new and different planet other than our Earth.  These souls are those who are not yet ready in their development to be part of the New Humanity.  Incarnation upon this alternative planet will proceed at a slower, more steady pace, than incarnation upon Earth.

Those souls who have chosen to work for the Christed Masters will, in due course return to an Earth transformed, transfigured and redeemed.  It will be an Earth where through the action of Fire, Earth, Air and Water, Spirit has become manifest.

It will be an Earth which, once the mists settle and the grass springs again beneath the feet, rejoices in the warmth of the Sun, sure and certain in its role as a Light-bearer in this Solar System.  The Earth is one of the youngest planets in our Solar System.  By virtue of its transformation, new life, new species, new hues, and new radiance will shine forth for all to see.  This will not happen overnight, yet the impulse of rebirth will have begun.

The World Mother and Her angels will continue to hold the Children of the Heart close to Her bosom.  Those Children who remain in incarnation will be removed from Earth via thousands upon thousands of Ships of Light.  Initially, at certain designated collection points the Children will gather.

From there they will be taken to one of the Staging Points upon Earth.  From these Transit Zones, on the inner levels, the magnificent Mother Ships will depart.  The Children of the Heart will be ushered, some in a rapturous state;  some in a semi-conscious state;  some fully awake, into the underbellies of these vehicles of Light, Hope and Comfort.  Profound radiance, peace and protection will emanate from these vehicles, which will then depart Earth prior to the largest of the changes which will occur.

Golden Age of Maitreya

The changes which Earth and her people will witness are truly staggering.  The times we live in are epoch changing,  The Age we are moving towards will be marked by peace on Earth and goodwill to mankind.  This is the Age of Maitreya, an Age when humanity will worship the one God in peace and prosperity.  People from all nations, all races and all religions will come to know that God exists and God is good.

Those who love God and seek to serve their fellows will unite in small pockets of comfort, hope and protection.  The people of Earth will realize that all which is revered in the name of the Anti-Christ such as materialism, war, separation, power, greed, brutality and inhumanity to humanity in its many forms will be destroyed.

Let those who seek to serve the greater good align with the Forces of Righteousness.  Let those who seek to align with the Forces of Darkness choose now!  As we move forward under the shadow of Darkness which threatens to overtake this planet significant points of Light will emerge in every continent.  These points of Light will serve as upraised banners of Hope, Unity, Comfort and Protection.

Those Children of the Heart who seek to work for the greater good will be shepherded towards these Safe Havens, therein to survive the coming cataclysms.

In Australia these regions of safety will call the Children of the Heart.  Some may chose to flee to the desert;  some may choose to leave the capital cities;  some may choose to move to known retreats of safety.   Wherever the Children of the Heart gather they will be found, nurtured and protected by the invisible hands of the Beings of Light who will act as Messengers during this time of the Great Change.

In Europe, similar Havens of Safety will emerge in several key countries.  Within the safe confines of these districts the Children of the Heart will survive, nestled close to the Earth, until the time comes for relocation.   In the Americas, Africa and Asia the story will be the same. The Children of the Heart will recognise each other and small communities of peaceful co-existence will be established during these times of grave collapse of all that has been.  The people of this planet have precious little time in which to realise their true priorities and act accordingly.

Those who truly seek to serve the Lord Christ and His Hierarchy will be protected by His Mighty Heart, Breath and Wings, which will provide a Shield of Love, a Shield of Hope and a Shield of Faith.  The Children of the Heart will gather in pockets, geographically isolated, yet integrally connected through their common love of, and aspirations to serve, humanity and Father/Mother God.  United by their Will-to-Good, faith, and the willingness to bring forth the qualities of love, justice, compassion, truth, hope and sacrifice they will become the seed-bearers of the new race.

Earth’s Great Change . . . .

Light from a distant star . . . .