Hopes Prayer

The Doves of Peace they fly. The Rain of Blessings descends.

In the midst of heartache, loss and suffering,

Hope springs eternal. Hope, the Flower of all Life.

She springs eternal, like the fragrance from the Heart of the Rose.

Hope, the salvation for all.

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Hope, the white petalled flower of Hope.

Keep Her alive, in your hearts, your minds, your consciousness.

To live in Hope is to truly live. To love in Hope is to celebrate victory.

We Who are the mouthpiece for Goodness, Justice and Liberty on Earth,

We call to all hearts and all minds.

Remember Hope, Restore Hope, Live in Hope.

Dream in Hope and Hope will be restored to Earth.

This is our prayer.

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Angels of Hope We fly abroad.

To all lands, all hearts, all minds. We seek to restore hope.

Through Hope, people survive.

We are the Flames of Hope, the future Hope of mankind.

We keep the Flame of Hope alive within the Earth, within the hearts of all Who dare to dream.

We restore.  We support.  We enfold.  We pacify.  We vivify.

Lady Archangel Hope

We are the Flame of Hope.

Plant us within your Heart, your minds, your dreams.

Plant us, restore us that we may flower and fill the Earth with our fragrance sublime.

To lands of darkness and despair, We fly.

To homes of shame and pain, We descend.

To the thousands who suffer needlessly.

white doves of peace

We are the Balm of Hope the Salve, the Unction, The Restorers of Faith.

We work with Faith.  We work with Charity.  We are the Flame of Hope.

Our threefold Flame unites all hearts, all groups, all nations who seek to live in peace.

Plant us, restore us, remember us.

Chandra Easton 

Micky Allan  Lady Archangel Hope

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