Heartbeat of Love

Where shall He abode? He who is the salvation of all is locked out of many hearts, many minds, many countries and nations on Earth. He who is the redeemer of all walks from heart to heart, calling for His children. He who is the Saviour of all – His voice falls on deaf ears. Where are His children – those who can hear, those who serve, those who will sacrifice themselves for Him?

He who is the Christ, has many Abodes on Earth. He resides within the hearts of those who Will to Serve. Those who will risk persecution, darkness and suffering to bring His light to Earth. His abodes in the outer world are under establishment. His abodes in the inner worlds exist for all Eternity. In this the greatest time of challenge seen on Earth in the last 2,000 years, the Christ seeks help from all who can hear and respond in the establishment of the new Abodes of the Heart all over the Earth.

These Abodes of the Heart will be centres of light, centres of learning, centres of loving kindness – now and in the future. They are forming from the hearts and minds of good people who seek to live in harmony. These Abodes of the Heart can be found in cities and countries, great and small. These abodes of the Heart beat like living hearts, they carry the lifeblood of all who seek to serve the Christ. In the establishment of these Abodes of the Heart, the Children of the Heart worldwide must join each other, heart to heart in loving groups, organisations, families. In this way the Abodes of the Heart will become inviolable Citadels of Love.

The Abodes of the Heart are living organisms created by Love. They are places of Sanctuary, homes of peace, nations of growing harmlessness. In the time that is now sweeping over the earth and humanity we must withdraw to the silence within to the stillness of the heart. From within this stillness our hearts will guide us, our hearts will lead us, our hearts will preserve us. From within this stillness, peace descends. From within this stillness we are protected from all forms of harm. This stillness of the heart is only to be found within the Heartbeat of the Christ. This stillness of the heart exists within His heart, within our hearts if we let it. This stillness of the heart preserves, sanctifies and absorbs all pain.

This stillness of the heart is our refuge in the storm which sweeps over the earth and humanity. It is our refuge from darkness within and without. It is our refuge in times of sorrow, in times of hate, in times of fear. It is our refuge. For all those Children of the Heart worldwide who seek refuge, who seek sanctity, who seek protection, let them enter into the Heart of the Christ. It is His beating heart that will preserve us. It is His beating heart that will armour us against doubt. It is His beating heart that shields us from ourselves. It is this beating heart which vivifies all the Abodes of the Heart worldwide. It is this beating Heart which brings eternal peace. It is His beating Heart, the Heart of the Sun King Maitreya. It is His beating Heart which beats within your heart. It is His beating Heart which is calling you. Follow His Heartbeat . . . . follow your heartbeat . . . . let your hearts beat as one.

Chandra Easton


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