Healing Angels of Earth – part two

During the second half of a concert with Paul Armitage in Daylesford many years ago, humanity and the earth where healed.

The majestic Angels of Justice, from Lord Michael’s army stand forth

They take up their positions as protectors of Gaia. In service to the Christ they banish negativity, creating Safe Havens for the Children of the Heart all over the earth.  These Havens, established within the auric fields of the Lords 6 pointed starand Ladies of Light, form a protective six pointed Star of David around our planet.  Angels of the White Tara are seen comforting souls who are leaving earth, lifting them to the inner levels.  They work to clear fear, stabilizing the astral plane.  Angels of Grace, pale blue and starlike, move all over the earth easing suffering wherever they find it.

Starlight streams forth

grailA new note sounds as the Blue StarLight of Sirius streams towards the earth; within it the Heart of the Christ is revealed.  From Sirius to the Earth His heart descends becoming the Rising Light of Earth, the Risen Christ.  His Heartstream expands, manifesting as a vision of light within the hearts of the Divine Mothers.  Deeply His Heartlight enters all aspects of humanity, they divide into three groups.  The Children of the Mind are separated from the Children of the Heart and their world’s forever part. A few Lighted souls from earth work closely with the Christ, to separate the Children of the Mind from the Children of the Heart.  Maitreya’s Heart is seen within the Tabernacle of Shamballa.  Christ’s loving presence streams all over earth as He stands upon the physical realm.  Humanity are held within the comforting embrace of the Divine Mothers.

Light of soul and Spirit, the I AM Presence

Appearing above the Children of the Heart it enters into their hearts vanquishing darkness, through the power of Love.  Our Godself stands revealed in all its glory.  A sphere of Rainbow Light, the Christed Ones, surrounds the Heart of the Risen Earth.

Peace reigns

The Christ child lives! Earth and humanity are one! Peace, in the form of millions of beauteous white doves enfolds the Children of the Heart, as community life sustains all.  The music intones a new phase as Darkness rises again.  The Forces of Light battle the Forces of Darkness.  For a while the light dims.  Slowly, slowly Light returns, it triumphs and resurrects upon the physical plane.

The New Day Dawns on earth!

The Earth is Light the Earth is healedThe Holy Ones stand in Their resplendent Rainbow Light around Maitreya Buddha, the Rising Light of Earth.Earth has risen! Her birth heralded by millions of Ascension Angels from Venus.  Life everlasting overtakes the planet; once again She has become a Garden of Eden.  Angels of the Buddha Yasodhara dance and sing for joy, as their glorious Buddha light heals all.

Buddha!  Buddha!  Buddha!

The Risen Lady Isis is revealed as the New Venus, Rose of Ascension, Mother of Earth.

Chandra Easton copyright-symbol
9th July 2005
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