Healing: a journey to the inner worlds of peace

The outer madness is a reflection of the emerging shadow of darkness.  This shadow is known by many names, it is the sum total of hatred, selfishness, greed and apathy which threatens to unseat an unsuspecting humanity. None of us are separate from this emerging shadow – we, humanity have created it over millennium.  It is now up to us to dissipate it. It is very easy to become overwhelmed when we see the magnitude of hatred which is erupting all over earth.

The antidote to this hatred is love.  Love, that is true love, deep unconditional love exists in the wellspring of the Earth, it exists in the Spiritual realms and it exists in the depths of your soul and Spirit.  If your wish to help in the global crisis, or simple to have more personal peace and well being in your lives, you can do no better than join the growing throng of people who are seeking to heal themselves.

Why should we wait until our bodies are breaking down through decay before we seek healing?  We have many aspects to ourselves, our bodies, emotions and  minds.  All of these aspects need healing.  To whom can we turn – the soul within.   It is the soul which is the true inner healer, the salve, the solace, the place to which we can turn when all else fails.  When our minds are breaking down through stress;  when our hearts fail through grief or loss; when our bodies give way through accumulated suffering;  we can always turn to the light of our soul within.  Our soul is the healer within who waits silently for us to respond to it’s call.  For some people this call is never heard.  For others, the call of the soul is getting louder, clarion. It calls us to peace, to healing, to redemption, to acceptance, to forgiveness of ourselves and others.

When times are difficult we look to God, or some outer Source greater than ourselves to save us, to lift us, to heal us , to help us. At such times remember that your soul is an aspect of the Divine, a fragment of the Oneness, a radiant spark of Immortality.  If you can remember this you will begin to heal, you will find that your suffering, your hopelessness, your fear or depression subsides.  If you remember to trust in the light of your soul and Spirit you will find that grace, light and healing begin to re-enter your Life.

Remember a time in your life when everything flowed.  Remember a time when you felt loved.  Remember a time when nothing could upset you.  Just now can be such a time if your choose.  All you have to do is pray and ask for healing and the Angels of Healing will come to you.  They must come to you – this is the Law.  Healing is the divine right of all people, all races, all creeds.  The power of healing is not only held in the hands of a few – it is not exclusively the right of the medically trained, the surgeons, the doctors, the nurses, the healers.  Of course they have their healing skills – what we talk about here is the inalienable right of every individual to demand and receive, through heartfelt prayer, the light of their Soul.

Ultimately, soul Light heals, it restores, it vivifies, it brings peace.  This is your right.  At any given moment you can choose to pray, to cry out and ask Those who exist in the invisible spiritual realms for help.  When we call for help from Spirit, help arrives.  It must – this is the Law.  When we ask for the relief of suffering for loved ones – relief arrives  – this is the Law.  It may not come in the form we expect, but it will surely come.  So do not hesitate any longer, believe in the power of prayer and the sincere invocation of your soul and you will be healed.  Believe,  believe and believe.  Pray, pray and pray.  Start today.

Chandra Easton

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