Healing Angels of Earth – part one

At a concert with Paul Armitage, in Daylesford many years ago, the Angels worked to heal the Earth.  As the heavenly music begins the magnificent presiding Angel of the Christ enters and stands within Paul’s aura.

Angel of the Christ and Lady Yasodhara

Angel of the Christ

Many smaller beauteous golden and rose Angels of the Christ take up their positions in a large circle around the Lady Tarajyoti Room.  Joining them the Angels of Lady Yasodhara, resplendent in their rose light, form a spiral of Living Light, a stairway to the Christ – the Way of the Heart. Together they form this Path, which leads from the worlds of darkness to the Worlds of Light, to the Christ Maitreya.  Rapid pulsations of light are seen within the aura of the presiding Angel, as its wings radiate Heart Flow to the waiting Christed and Yasodhara Angels.  With their glorious wings outstretched, tip to tip, they send Maitreya’s Heartlight out into the world.

Devas of the Seven Rays

In all their glory They descend from their celestial realms, in perfect accord with the music.  Iridescent Angels of the Holy Spirit, luminous green, pink and violet shimmer as they send their Light into the world.  Sentinels of Hope, from the hearts of Ladies Mary and Hope appear.  Clothed in rainment of the purest pale blue and white they take up their positions North, South, East and West sending the Light of Hope to a suffering humanity.  Angels of Truth and Justice carrying golden trumpets, descend the Ladder of Justice into the world of matter.  In service to Joan of Arc and Lady Pallas Athena, they form a translucent green five pointed Star of Justice.

Angels of Love and Forgiveness


From the hearts of Ladies Nada and Magdalene They enter, radiating all hues of rose, deepest pink, ruby and white.  Emanating love they move ripple-like dissolving and conquering all fear and hatred in their path.  Standing in the shape of a rose they let loose love, which pulsates out to humanity transmuting hatred into joy, the atomic substance of all they touch is redeemed.  Molecules of darkness all over the planet begin to spin, rapidly ascending into the light of Love.  On behalf of Ladies Portia and Pallas Athena, the resplendent Angels of Majesty appear, emanating a golden and violet Light.  They stand as pillars within the Temple of the Christ, the Sanctuary of His Heart, for all who seek to enter Love.  Within this Sanctuary the Spiritual Hierarchy meditates; seated in silent conclave, They send their healing Light, Love and Power to humanity and the earth.

Cosmic Light descends

Angels of Sirius intervene, on behalf of the Cosmic Christ, for Earth’s rebirth.  Sounding their note of protection, the creatures of the sea dolphins and whales, Star and Intergalactic Beings, all respond to their call.  Cosmic Blue Light from the Sirian Conclave streams forth.  A Star of Hope and Comfort appears above the earth.  Angels of the Spirit of Resurrection, from the Heart of Lord Jesus, descend in all their fiery Light.  They lift the Children of the Heart above the astral plane.  Radiating brilliant white, gold and violet light, they lift, lift, lift them into the higher spheres.  With their wings of Light they restructure the molecules within our auras, as we are lifted to the inner levels.

To the powerful strains of Paul’s inspired music, Angels of the Avatar of Will enter

Sweeping in waves of deepest blue light across the continents and oceans, all surrender before them.  Within their awe inspiring panorama the Diamond Light of Lord Jesus is clearly visible.  All who serve the Christ rally to them, surrendering to their Love. The Angels of Forgetfulness enter like wispy moonlit clouds.  On behalf of the Lady Isis they descend from Venus to our beloved earth and lift the Children of the Heart into the Motherships returning speedily from whence they came.  In the Realms of Forgetfulness, within the bellies of the Motherships, the Children orbit Venus . . . waiting, slumbering, waiting.

Meanwhile earth transforms

buddha light of earth

She heaves, convulses purges and rebirths.  While this occurs the Angels of Restoration, perform their mission of mercy, the healing of our Earth for the Cosmic Christ.  With their mighty wings they move like phoenixes across all oceans and continents, restoring balance, order, calm and life to the new Earth.  The Rising Light of Earth, Lord Maitreya Buddha can be seen slowly making His ascent from deep within the earth into the realms of the New Day Dawning.  This concert continues: Healing Angels of Earth (part 2)

Daylesford 9th July 2005
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