Australia, the years ahead

Written in October 2005
still relevant

Every continent on earth is as safe as the consciousness of it’s people and, for better or worse, its leaders. There is a direct link between the catastrophic environmental disasters now experienced all over earth and the blatant disregard, or in some cases active perpetuation, of suffering towards our fellow human beings. If you wish to find safety in the years to come then you must do something to help your neighbours – it is as simple as that. Those individuals, communities and nations who are self serving in the extreme will be most severely affected by global cataclysm. Those who help their neighbours in times of famine, flood, fire and air-borne ravages will be protected from the worst of the catastrophes that will continue to strike the earth. You are your brother’s/sister’s keeper – this realisation and nothing else can protect you and your loved ones from all harm.

beautiful kata tjuta olgas

A tide has come in the affairs of man wherein the bell tolls. It tolls for those who suffer injustice. It tolls for those who suffer racial persecution. It tolls for those who suffer needlessly from all acts of war and torture. The suffering at the hands of the oppressors, politicians, and the greedy must stop. Such suffering will end when those who live merely to fulfill their own selfish needs are forced to beg for food, air, water and shelter. The tables will be turned and Justice brought to bear.

The nation of Australia will bear the brunt of wrong motivations and self-serving actions by its government. Actions based on economic manipulation and global greed; national habits of insularity and self-satiation will be dealt a crippling blow through economic hardship affecting certain sectors of the community. The original landowners, who have been dispossessed, will regain stewardship over their land. Those who have wielded the might and power of the dollar will be forced to pay through human suffering. Such is the Law of Karma, the Law of Cause and Effect. If you wish to avoid the hardship of economic restrictions and the suffering of a drought-filled land with all its many ramifications – share the wealth, share the land, share the resources; share, share, share. Despoil the earth, oceans, air and water at your peril. The tides of the mighty oceans can feed the millions or flood the land unmercifully. Choose wisely, ere the ocean dispossesses itself from its bed.

The people of the South Pacific Islands should flee the perils of the raging ocean. The people of North Queensland will be inundated with freak tidal waves, which will decimate northern beaches and communities many miles inland. The economic greed of the government as a whole will return to plague Australians, at home and abroad, through infrastructure instability in certain key industries including banking, tourism and natural resource exploitation. The fishing industry will be severely disrupted by viral contaminants traceable to the food chain. The farming community will be forced to challenge the government of the day for the right and funded support to grow food for the nation. The cattle industry will be plagued by disease infestation, crop failure and economic hardships. The lack of water in some states especially Western Australia, South Australia and parts of Queensland and New South Wales will see a gradual crippling of the economy. The steadfast refusal by the people of the day to live in harmony with those of different faiths and ethnicity will force global terror to the door of the New South Wales state capital, Sydney. Bushfires and firestorms, the like of which have never been seen before, will isolate extended regions of the eastern seaboard.

The path to peace is one of sustainable living, in close harmony with the earth. All of Nature has the capacity to protect or destroy. Those who refuse to open their hearts and communities to the dispossessed and hungry will rue the day. This land is an ancient paradise, a future Haven, a land of beauty, healing and grace. To walk in harmony with the Spirit of the Earth is to make peace with our ancestors. Those communities who open their hearts and doors, sharing their resources will survive. Those cities and communities which refuse to live or change in accordance with Divine Law will perish. Much stands it the balance, yet much is also decided. To stand for progress, without a care or concern for our global neighbours, is to invite loss. Observe the actions of your neighbours Australia, observe the tide that has turned and make amends. Join the global community based on the living heart; turn your back on the path of self interest. To seek to be a member of the global community for reasons of national security or economic gain is to call the wrath of Nature upon your people and your shores. Think, act, and learn to serve selflessly for the good of the whole, before it is too late.

Chandra Easton

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