Light from a distant Star

Our Earth will one-day, hopefully in the not too distant future, evolve to become a Star of Light. As humanity evolve, so the planet’s aura will become enlightened to reflect the soul’s as a Star of Light within our solar system . Many of the Fixed Stars known to astronomers, already emit a high spiritual vibration and are vehicles of Light, through which Holy Beings support humanity and the earth. They stand ready to assist, ready to guide, ready to lead and yet we must choose the Light. A few of these fixed stars are listed below:-

Royal Star Alderbaran

Known as the Watcher of the East, the Royal Star Alderbaran is a starry vehicle for Archangel Michael, one of the Four Archangels (mentioned in the Bible as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse). Along with Archangel’s Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, and the Lady Archangels Faith, Hope, Mary and Donna Grace and others, They stand as portals to the New Day Dawning all over Earth.

The Fixed Stars of Alderbaran is located at 9 degrees Gemini (due to the precession of the Equinox it was previously located in Taurus) Along with Antares both of these Fixed Stars have a long historical association with age-old wars and religious fundamentalism. Out of this struggle will eventually emerge lives lived in the spirit of peace. As we enter into the Aquarian Age with it’s cleansing violet and purifying and protective white Light, we are called to renounce harm and hatred perpetuated towards each other.  We can no longer bear the suffering. Earth can no longer bear the suffering.

We stand now in the early dawn of the new Age of the Heart. Archangel Michael, Protector of the Christ, has amassed his Holy Host.

  • He rides now for the victory of Light on Earth.
  • All those who would stand and ride with Him are called to respond.
  • He calls for action.
  • He calls for the protection of the persecuted.
  • He calls for courage in the face of amassed evil.

"Let us respond to the call to arms.
Let us respond to the higher vibration of the Archangelic Host.
Let us expand our hearts and minds and stand firm upon our refusal to hate.
Let us close the door to evil, within ourselves, 
within our nations and our racial collective unconscious.
Let us invoke the mighty Fire which exists 
within the body of the Earth to purify this Earth.
Let us call for the cleansing power of the Waters of the Earth
 to heal and purify our emotional bodies.
Let love rule the Earth."

An Invitation

You are invited to approach and step through this portal, into the Safe Haven of the Holy Mothers of Earth.  Through Them you are held in the Loving Embrace of Lord Maitreya, Who is our current Bodhisattva, World Teacher of Angels and Humanity and the Fifth and future Buddha of Earth.

Into His Flaming Heart, take Refuge.

Vega   –   Celestial Star in the Harp of King David 

Vega, a brilliant first magnitude Star, shines forth from the centre of the constellation Lyra, known to the ancient Christians as King David’s Harp.  Vega transmits healing via the Cosmic Chords to all those on earth who suffer.  Lord Jesus, the King of the Jews sends His Heart to all. 

Vega is also linked with Maat, the Egyptian Goddess of the Hereafter, Who weighs the fates of mankind thus guarding the door to the inner worlds. Vega holds the power of deep spiritual responsibility and Cosmic Consciousness.  She bestows charisma as well as the capacity for transformation, transmutation and transfiguration through White Magic. 

  • Harbinger of Electric Fire
  • Call to the Initiates and disciples
  • Cosmic Consciousness
  • Ma-at Egyptian Goddess
  • Music of the Seven Spheres
  • Lyra – constellation of the Harp
  • Maat – Goddess of the Hereafter

Historically, Adolf Hitler had Vega rising at the time of his birth, so we see how easily the purity of Vega can be distorted to serve the Dark Forces.  Individuals with Vega prominent are charismatic individuals – whether they serve the Light or the Dark – they have a power for good or for ill. 

We can expect over the next two years the rise on the world scene, of charismatic individuals who serve and weave the Magic and Light of Christ/Buddha, and unfortunately also those who serve and attempt to disseminate the lies/delusions/illusions of the Dark Forces and their representatives here on earth.

Sirius : Blue Star of Divinity

Often represented as a blue five-pointed star or as Ascended Earth within the embrace of Cosmos.  She embodies Divinity encased in matter, union of the pairs of opposites within us and, reconciliation of our Centaur Selves  – human and Divine. 

During these most difficult days ahead, those of you who fear, who are lost, who need comforting, who despair or who seek God have but to look upwards this mighty Star to be held, protected and comforted and aligned with the potency, love and radiance of that which is God. 

It will be as if the Hand of God were to reach out and touch you and in so doing an utter peace and serenity will surround you.  This is the power of protection afforded those Children of the Heart who will give their personal will to God, trusting instead in the power of Cosmos to guide and protect them

  • Harbinger of Ray of Love and Wisdom
  • Radiating the Light of Hope of mankind
  • Vehicle for Archangel Lady Isis
  • Five pointed Star
  • Located at 14 degrees Cancer

Alcyone: brightest star of the Pleiades

Alcyone ‘s influence is a wake-up call for humanity. Associated with physical and/or occult blindness, She reminds us that we can no longer hide our heads in the sand. Alcyone is also known as the Star of Sorrow – such sorrow results from a failure to see the truth behind the outer realities of life on Earth.

Alcyone invites ordinary humanity to see things as they really are – to awaken to the inner worlds of Light. This brilliant Pleiadean Star calls us to rend the veils of darkness, fear and complacency which separate us from the spiritual realms.

  • Brightest of the Seven Sisters
  • Disseminiating 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence
  • Call to ordinary humanity and the aspirants
  • Star of Sorrow
  • Located at 30 degrees Taurus

"Now is the time for heart insight into global problems.
Now is the time for refusal of short-sighted actions.
Now is the time to maintain the vision of a world at peace."

She is the brightest star of the Seven Sisters;  Her role here is to remind us that we have entered into the Day of Judgement.  We can expect a rapid rise in UFO activity, as well as an escalation of contact with the Pleiadeans in a variety of forms.

The Board of Karma offer us karmic dispensations so that we can more quickly resolve all forms of karma.  Our collective fate rests with our capacity to see, feel and respond to the pain of others.

Alpha Centauras: Star of the Hereafter

Known as the Star of the Hereafter, it provides the opportunity to manifest Heaven here on Earth.  Centaurs are half human and half Divine and the Eclipse falls on the left foot of the Centaur –  our human Achilles heel.

Two Stars are prominent at this time, one is Agena, whose ancient symbolism asks us to sacrifice an aspect of ourselves in order to realise deeper levels of our Divinity. The other is Vega, which is discussed above.

  • Also known as Toliman
  • Brightest star in the constellation of the Centaur
  • Half-human-half Divine
  • located in the Centaur constellation
  • 30 degrees Scorpio
  • Radiating the brilliant light of the Centaur

  • The Centaur is known for the capacity to heal ourselves.
  • Through sacrificing our personal ego.
  • If we wish to enter into the Divine Hereafter, here on earth.
  • Choose the Path of Healing.