Travel planning with the Stars

Each year on your birthday, a new Solar Return chart comes into force in your life..  It is a map for the year ahead, and quite literally can be consulted to assist you with your travel itinerary.  When combined with your transits, it is a wonderful tool for the next adventure in your life. A recommendation below:-

“After a period of major challenges, I found myself at a crossroads. Chandra’s help was unique and impressive. Whilst planning my bucket list trip around the world, Chandra’s view of the year ahead, Natal Chartcoupled with her interpretation of where I should travel for the best chance of following my souls purpose, fitted perfectly with the small voice in my heart. I departed with such inner and outer confidence that magic manifested everywhere I travelled.

And whilst on my fantastic journey a Skype Soul Reading answered many questions about past life influences and future possibilities. If you are at a dead-end, or a crossroad in life, or on the journey of a lifetime, Chandra has some unique and heartfelt skills to help you find your way home.  Highly recommended.”  Phil, Australia


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